Halloween is just a couple of weeks away and as it comes closer, so does the pressure to create the scariest and spookiest look for the occasion. Although the costume you wear is an integral part of your entire look, advancements in makeup technology have literally revolutionized the way one dresses up for Halloween.

Halloween lenses have also made a huge impact on the way an individual looks. These lenses lend an air of reality to the costume and ensure that the person looks as eerie and frightening as the character that he/she is imitating.

Let’s take a look at a few scary looks to ensure that you look the creepiest and spookiest of them all!

Scary Clown

Clowns have always been associated with fun and laughter. They are supposed to make you laugh and double over with their jokes and silliness. That said, clowns on Halloween have a different purpose. They are meant to scare you.

With the release of movie ‘It’, dressing up as the scary Pennywise clown has become a Halloween statement. Let’s take a look at how you can be the clown that gives everyone the chills.

· The first thing you need is a clean face to start working on. Wash your face and dry it. Use a glue stick and rub it over your eyebrows to flatten them uniformly.

· You will need some artistic skills to draw an oversized mouth and jagged teeth with a black eye pencil.

· Use white creamy makeup stick to cover your entire face except the area where you drew the mouth and teeth. Blend it all and dust white powder over it.

· Draw sharply arched eyebrows with a black eye pencil and fill in the spaces between the teeth.

· Use bright red lipstick to fill in the oversized mouth and draw blue diamonds around the eyes with an eye shadow.

· Once you are done with the make up, give yourself a realistic touch by using the bloodshot drops lenses and a red clown nose and wig. You are all set to give the creepy crawlies to everyone.

Let Your Inner Mummy Out!

Halloween is the time to let your inner mummy out! Dressing up as a mummy is as easy as it gets. All you need is lots and lots of wrap bandage, a few good makeup tricks and a pair of the best Halloween lenses that you can get your hands on, preferably the blind white lenses. For the mummy look, the game changer is the pair of blind white lenses.

· All you need to do is to wrap the bandages all over yourself including your face, leaving the eye and mouth area.

· To give yourself an Egyptian mummy look, use gold and black eye shadow sparingly and use dark plum shade of lipstick.

· The ‘Mummy look’ works well for both males and females. For males, a paler shade can be used on the lips or even the whole mouth area can be bandaged, making a little slit to allow the person to speak or eat!

The Nun

This look is definitely going to be the most sought-after look of 2018’s Halloween. The look is based on the main character of the scariest film to hit the cinemas this year. The costume is simple enough but it is the make up and the amazing lenses that do the trick and make your spine tingle.

· All you need is to do is to create a white creamy base using white makeup stick. Blend it in to create a canvas on your face.

· Add shades of black around the mouth and eyes to give a gaunt look to the face.

· To give your face a weathered and beaten look, add lashes of black creamy stick to your face.

· Add a plum or crimson shade of lipstick to your teeth and lips.

· The finishing touch is the application of dead white lenses which give a grotesque look to your persona.

The Demon!

Halloween is incomplete without having someone dressed up as a demon. That said, with the passage of time, the demon look has become more menacing than ever. From the costumes to the makeup to the use of special Halloween lenses, dressing up for Halloween has moved up a notch.

· You will need a few makeup tricks up your sleeves to perfect the demon look.

· Start off by covering your face with creamy makeup foundation in a paler shade, as compared to your skin. Blend it uniformly all over your face.

· Dust face powder in the same shade all over the face.

· Use dark eyeshadows in shades of blue, black and deep purple near your cheek bones and forehead to create a dull and dark look.

· To enhance the demonic eyes, first apply bright pink eyeshadow on the upper lid and near the lower lid. Cover this with black eye shadow and blend it outwards.

· Use a black eyeliner to create a cracked-skin effect by drawing thin and irregular lines across the face and especially around the eyes.

· To complete your look, use the ice-walker lens. The icy blue of this lens is surely going to give you a spine-tingling effect.

The demon look is very versatile as you can play around with different colors and contact lenses. For example, instead of using a pale base for your face, you can opt for a bluish base and pair it with scleral lenses in black to give a really spooky effect.

Similarly, you can also opt for red face paint and pair it with glass white lenses to give a chilly look to your outfit. Add the demon horns and hands down, you will scare the wits out of everyone!

Halloween is All About Getting Dressed Up to Scare and Get Scared! Be Innovative and Think Outside the Box When Getting Ready for Halloween!


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