One of the greatest experiences about the University environment are the faces and people you meet. Aside from the hustle and bustle of academic life and work, the social engagement is phenomenal. Even on the graduate level, one is able to meet those fun and exciting faces. Those vivacious Spirits who simply make the graduate experience that much more enriching! Being in the real world, and filled with the nourishment of love of fellow graduate students was refreshing. Getting together to discuss class content, or the work we were doing in whatever research had been prescribed for us.

Being part of the American University In Cairo’s Graduate Student Association was one of my most fulfilling experiences. Coming together for social events, assisting in the planning of events, and simply being part of a cycle of love and healing. There is nothing like meeting an energy of graduate students-from wherever they derive-who are going on that journey with you. That’s one of the fascinating things about the University experience. The common experience of being on a shared, educational journey, centers the human experience. Regardless of the religion, nationality, culture, racial background, gender, majors, or other differentiations we derive from, education can be a common factor. As part of the Graduate Student Association, writing was my contribution. I wrote articles to highlight our experiences. Our adventures together, and how these adventures served to shape our experience at the American University In Cairo.

There is something unique about the graduate student experience, which is on a different frequency. Having already gone through our maturation through the undergraduate realm, there is another level of goal seeking and reaching. Many of us are already working, or in the professional worlds. Some of us may even have families, and have entered the married life. Nevertheless, it is an element of going through an enriched experience with others. An experience that is satisfying, and is held in one’s memory for the rest of our lives.

(Photograph Provided By AUC Graduate Student Association; Edits By Lauren Clark)

What’s even more fascinating is how each graduate student association-throughout the given academic years-has its core group. That group of individuals who were brought together to experience a level of love and mental therapy needed for the University experience. No matter how hard your day may have been, you could always look forward to that special meeting inside of the GSA lounge. A relaxing space to simply debrief and be in a space of mental wellness. It can be a quiet place. A stilled space, where even studying can be a euphoric entity. I can honestly say that with my own special group, there was an abundance of love. Lots of love and bonding time! Troubles and worries seemed to have disappeared, at least for that moment. The fun of togetherness made our realities that more enjoyable. There was an appreciation in the very presence of each other. We were able to provide healing to each other. A re-cycling of holistic energy took place. There was great wellness in simply interacting with each other. In a terse amount of words, our educational collective, felt good!

(Photograph Provided By AUC Graduate Student Association; Edits By Lauren Clark)

One of the favorable attributes in having a graduate student association on campus is its ability to provide support, off campus. The majority of graduate students live in residential spacing outside of campus dorms. Of course, there are those persons who do reside in on-campus, residential spacing. I , for one, have my own experiences. It was fulfilling. However, when you have formed that graduate, educational bond, there is a level of responsibility, when it comes to your colleagues. From checking in to making sure you are alright, and even when in need of personal advice, the graduate collective provides a level of emotional and mental, support.

Another pleasant experience about graduate student associations, is how you can re-experience the joys of college. Remembering those times when you were active in student organizations, and were simply vibing with that social life. On a graduate student level you are able to extend those celebrations and memories. You get to even have energies, associated with that undergraduate experience all over again. Re-living that phase of that youth, for another cycle.

(Photograph Provided By AUC Graduate Student Association; Edits By Lauren Clark)

Being able to experience those precious moments with the AUC Graduate Student Association, is one of the highlights of my AUC experience. Knowing that I was part of that particular journey, and the success of that journey, is reflective and holistic, at best. Furthermore, there is a euphoric entity how we came together for myriad celebrations. Whether it be for outings, award ceremonies, or what have you, we were allowed to provide social comfort for each other. Just looking at the faces and energy in the photos, gives me excitement. Sacred memories that every graduate student should experience. Understanding that when looking back, you know that, for one period in time, you had your personal, scholarly core.

(Photograph Provided By AUC Graduate; Edits By Lauren Clark)

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