As young men and women join college, there is a mixed feeling of uncertainty and curiosity to adventure the much talked about college life. The high school life they have just come from has more restrictions, and this all- experience sounds great for the youngsters.
But one thing to know is that the faster you settle down in college, the better it will be for you. The priority is being successful in your studies whether you are on full scholarship, have to get students’ loan for school fees or whether your parents or guardians are taking care of the school fees.
As a young person, it is crucial to seek guidance on how to settle fast in college life. Luckily, you are reading the right article as this is what we are going to discuss. Read on to know more.

Attend Orientation

Obviously, all colleges offer orientation programs to the new students within the first week of joining the school. None of the newbies should give it a miss since important things about the college are highlighted. No matter how busy you are unpacking or trying to arrange your new room, create time to attend all the orientation sessions.
Otherwise, you will get stranded from day one and may even miss important concepts of your studies in college. Orientation sessions are usually short and straightforward sessions that will not bore you or consume a lot of your time. There is no reason to miss unless it is unavoidable.

Attend All First Classes

As college life begins, the first classes are very crucial. This is where you get to know the course mates and the lecturers who will be teaching you all through the semester. Although you can now access the course outline and the timetable on the students’ portal, thanks to advanced technology, the lecturers will take you through it for better understanding. After all, they know that this is all new to you.
Again, the first classes set a good basis for your studies. This is where the lecturers will introduce each course and subjects that you will be studying throughout the semester. If you want to settle fast, you had better understand these important introductions to your studies.

Make Positive Friends

Within the first few days, you should be in a position to identify good friends; those whom you have many things in common. It is a fact that the first friends you make in college may turn to be your friends for life. Or even business partners in the future, who knows? You will encourage each other and explore the college together which makes settling down an easy and fast process.
Friends also make life fan while in college. Do not be afraid to say ”hi” to all new people who you meet or attend social events in college. Ensure that you know your next door neighbor in the hostels as well. You never know who will make a big difference in your college life.

Stay Organized

Good organization skills start early in life. When you are organized in college, you will settle down very fast. In fact, you have to pack all that you need to take to school early enough. If possible, use a checklist to make sure that everything is put in place.
After getting a hostel room in college, unpack all your stuff and arrange them well. Organize your room to look neat as quickly as possible. A dirty room will just give you stress from the first day.

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Have Pocket Money

Allow me to call it pocket money for better understanding, but this is all the money you need for survival as a student. According to research, there are many students who are living with their friends or in cars because they cannot afford a house or even a meal. If you do not have pocket money in college, life will be hard and settling down will not be possible.
Although many make it through, the struggle to survive without money can really affect your college life negatively; particularly the studies. Luckily, there are various ways students can get money like grants, loans, work-study programs, part-time employment or asking for money from relatives.


Students who follow the above tips find it easy to settle down. They have been proven to work even when other factors come in. As a student who understands these points, you should help others by sharing these ideas. It is good to be each other’s keepers.