Just as we are coming to discover the benefits of meditation, its popularity seems to grow day by day. Mindful meditation is helpful in setting your focus and redirecting your thoughts. It is a great procedure to increase your awareness towards your surroundings as well as assist you to improve your level of concentration. The benefits are not just limited till this, but at the same time, it reduces your stress and develops your potential to own healthy sleep patterns and increased pain tolerance. With constant practice, you can self discipline yourself and achieve a positive mood and outlook.

  • Meditation reduces stress:

Stress relief is one of the most common reasons that people try out meditation. Yeah, it stands true to its promise as a lot of people have received positive results out of it. Scientific studies have revealed that tension releases a stress hormone called cortisol which in turn releases inflammation-promoting chemicals called cytokines. This causes several harmful effects on one’s health, the most common of which is sleep disruption and enhanced anxiety and depression. It even increases blood pressure, enhances cloudy thoughts and fatigue. Researches say that mindful meditation can lower your stress level and you shall be able to witness its effects immediately after eight weeks of practice.

  • Lowers anxiety:

Meditation reduces anxiety as it lowers phobias, paranoid thoughts, social anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive compulsive behaviours. Meditative practice, if continued for eight weeks at a term, will help in giving you a better mood. It also refrains you from high pressure due to work load. Instead, it boosts up your emotional health as well as motivates your optimistic attitude.

  • Lowers age related memory loss:

With age, you tend to forget things more likely than that of younger people. Meditation, however, increases your attention and helps you remember things for a longer span of time. It increases your focus and clarity of your thoughts. Not just meditation helps people to cope up with their age related memory loss disorders, but at the same time, it is effective for people dealing in dementia.

Some tips for meditation:

If you are a beginner and struggling to meditate, here are some tips to follow:

  • Bring an open and positive attitude:

The basic goal of meditation does not mean that you will have to master the technique, rather your main purpose is to let go off the seriousness and develop a positive attitude by shifting your focus. Justify your inner thoughts and see to yourself, that’s how you can find yourself more amidst the crowd.

  • Keep it simple:

Do not push yourself for anything. If you are all set for meditation, do as much as it yields you comfort. Find a surrounding that seems to be peaceful enough for you and avoid unnecessary dramas around yourself.

  • Play the music or strategy games:

Music or strategy games have always been a great source to motivate oneself. Neuroscience reveals that music for meditation practice and yoga can inspire you to heal you from your past traumas and deliver an optimal attitude in yourself by relaxing your mind and improving your mood during the practice.

  • Do not strive for perfection:

You need not strive to be perfect in everything you do, as most people usually seem to achieve the same. You are meditating to lower your stress, and not to add to it. Believe in yourself and assure yourself that you are good enough!

You can take a professional’s guidance:

Though meditation does not aim at achieving perfection, a mentor can always bring the best out of you.


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