Scott Mulvahill

On the heels of his applauded album, Himalayas, singer-songwriter delivers a shining ode to happiness on his new music video for “Joy.”

Featuring more than 80 clips from families, who submitted footage from as far away as Portugal the video merges visuals from quarantine around the world where everyone is locked down to ensure the health of others.

Mulvahill says, “Having my listeners contribute to the video was just the perfect way to get at the heart of its message. There’s a theme of togetherness that, to me, is especially beautiful right now, because we can’t have all the togetherness we want. So this was a way to fill the gap a little bit, and let people express something along with me. Honestly, we had so much fun working on it and seeing everyone’s smiles and creativity — it brought the song to life!”

Prior to the cessation of all non-essential activities, Mulvahill appeared on NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series amid his cross-country headlining tour across the U.S. He’s worked with luminaries such as Ricky Skaggss and Bruce Hornsby, followed by establishing a successful solo career, cemented by the release of Himalayas in 2018.

With his contagious sound, an amalgamation of pop, Americana, jazz, and chamber music, Mulvahill’s music is both distinctive and captivating.

“Joy” opens on a tasty percussive shuffle topped by a sparkling piano, as Mulvahill infuses the lyrics with bright optimism and delicious textures. A braying harmonica gives the tune alluring sonic effusions backed by low-slung glowing vocal harmonies.

“I just wanna bring a little joy / Make a happy noise / I can’t hold the weight of the world / But I can carry a tune / To rejoice in the rain / Smile in the face of pain / Life’s no easy game but I choose / To bring a little joy.”

The video parades images of families who, despite prescribed isolation and quarantine, still display delightful pleasure in the miracle of life.

“Joy” makes no pretense of stoic resignation. Rather it seeks to set aside the devastation of the pandemic and, just for a moment, enjoy being alive.

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