We know when a deal has been sealed. The final hand shake or fist pump is the last decorative. Its the personal connection to a collection of papers-with signatures of ink. Yet, the connection of hand-to-hand or fist-to-fist has a meaning that is in depth. It translates as having created a deal on a personal level. A human connection, which brings life into a paper contract. Its not merely a piece of paper, objective, and void of energy. The words become alive once human touch seals the deal.

What often goes missing is the process leading up to the final handshake (fist pump if you prefer). There are warming elements, which flows with the process. It is part of the remedy of connecting with the business partner. You move through the entities of knowledge and trust. It is a perception of care and a skill with words. Soothing a deal into fruition, and once it warms up to you, beginning the realm of. . .TRUST! After all, can’t we agree that such is the invisible act of a handshake? Its that human contact, which vigilantly states, “I trust you.” Its why you have the success of documented paper, with very important signatures. The partnership sees the deal as. . .trustworthy!

The process of getting through to the final fist pump, is based on time and quality. The style, rhythm, and content of the conversation is a breeze which shapes up the deal. Through this dynamic the deal is structured. These subtle intricacies are invisible. They are felt. Even more is that they formulate the realms of business foundation. It is a true art to participate in shaping business deals in a different way.

Communication is one of the other previous factors, in finalizing the last deal. It ensures that differing parties understand the energies behind each others words. If there is imbalance, then it leads to distrust. Its why those long business meetings and conversations, bring a unique factor into the sealing of the final deal. Skips in rhythms or the segmentation of elongated pauses, bring an overwhelmingly, unsteady flow. And, it is an auspicious delight to witness how such is part of the previous journey when you are almost on your. . . final journey.

Business people shaking hands in a meeting room

There is so much more that happens under the surface of closing deals. Yet, trust is the final imprint. Trust is a sacred stamping. One exemplifies that in being trustworthy (through words and behavior) the business plan is solidified. It is the epitome of words leading into fruition. What should also present a unique lens is how truth reveals the character of a company or business entity. It shows that partners, or third parties, are safe and in the protection of that leading business. Furthermore, it also serves as a testament to the tangible results of the final business deal.

Business people stacking their hands

Our use of truth telling in shaping the final deal also highlights the power of protecting and caring for our words. Words are delicate. They require a certain level of gentility and serenity. There are particular tonalities and colorings, which serves as gatekeepers for truth and being. . .trustworthy. These tones bring certainty. They speak assurance. There is a particular, steady stride, which brings comfort and ease to the receiver. What would also remain surreal is how the tones paint a certain coloring. The colors are rich and abundant. Business partners feel how their words keep them grounded. It is very auspicious and unique attribute. When trust is colored in particular words and textures, a solid foundation begins to form. A meeting of two or more different parties, merges together. You can imagine them as multiple gems coming together to shape a jeweled piece.

As we are weaving our way into the completion of the final shake, we consistently keep in mind the intertwining of different shapes into a final one. Forget about the final paper work for now. That’s the middle segment of the closing agreement. The beginning is the conversation and the ending is. . .the shake. It’s the contractual agreement, that holds the two together.

So, the meeting has ended. The contract has been signed. Friendly grimaces mark across the mouth. Peace is in the air. And, its time to solidify the humane side in this business deal. Pictures are taken. And, in the spirit of business friendship, hands come out for the final solidification. One. Two. Three. . .Shake! One. Two. Three. . . Pump!