Amcon is a renowned name in the cannabis industry that also specializes in architectural electrical, mechanical, and plumbing services. The current CEO Anil Pandya founded the company 35 years ago. However, his son Kishan “Sean” Pandya plans to renovate the existing Amcon facilities to reduce energy consumption for cannabis cultivation by up to 80%.

Using AGT Hybrid Greenhouse technology developed by AGT Technologies, LLC, has helped Amcon advance greatly in terms of the methods used to cultivate cannabis. This greenhouse design features cleanroom technology, solar daylighting, and other futuristic elements. 

The most amazing fact about this technology is that it only uses natural systems of air and earth. This reduces the energy consumption necessary to grow a successful crop of plants by 80%. By reducing the amount of energy spent on growing the cannabis, this helps keep profits high. 

Unlike the traditional cultivation systems, the technology used by Amcon doesn’t require any extra electricity. The natural daylight and necessary airflow this technology offers makes it perfect for low-energy cultivation as well as a higher yield.

Sean’s new facility also includes offices, gyms, recreation chambers, and even an on-site warehouse. He hopes to bring about a revolution within the cannabis business through this model. He changed the conventional perspectives on cannabis cultivation by bringing advanced engineering, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical concepts into the cultivation facility.

If you visit his Instagram you can understand how careful he is about his fitness and lifestyle, and the various luxury cars he owns are something to behold as well. According to Sean, the point of this isn’t to flex on anyone who doesn’t have it as good as him; rather, he wants his social media content and lifestyle to motivate others like him who have promising businesses and talent but are afraid to take risks or fully live up to their potential. 

His expensive and luxurious lifestyle is only the result of his hard work. Pandya has said that if he didn’t use the opportunities he was given or became demotivated by self-doubt, then his lifestyle would be very far from what it is now.

“I have a very competitive nature, and I am my own biggest competitor. When I want something, I push for it very hard. This translates over from business to fitness. I have worked hard for years to achieve this physique, while I have also worked very hard to earn my CEO status.” says Sean. With a work ethic like his, anyone could conceivably change their life like he did. 

As Sean states, “Don’t underestimate your work, just try hard, think smart and do something with it before the time runs out. Just blindly working is not smart too. Care about your health, enjoy your life and finally keep everything balanced.”

Business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs can learn a lot from his lifestyle and work ethic. For true success, however, you need to balance your personal and professional life,  while always striving for self-improvement.