Photo Credit: Håkan Röjder

Mats David “Awesome” Goldberg is the Founder of Photo Marketing Sidekick, a company dedicated to helping photographers grow their businesses through sales, marketing, and business development. Using his past experience of working with influencers and business owners, his personal mission is to help photographers become the go-to “superhero” service provider in their niche. 

Now, Mats is a well-traveled man. Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, he’s called 39 different places home, with 26 countries making the list. And, since serving the military as a young man, he’s cultivated an interest in the great outdoors – needless to say, he knows a good landscape or “picture perfect” moment when he sees one. His extensive knowledge of sales, marketing, and growing businesses, along with the skill set he’s gained through a passion for his craft has also enabled him to make anyone who works with him a bold promise: for every $1 you invest in him, he’ll make you $2 back. 

And today, he’s been kind enough to put down the tools of his trade and give us a few handy and actionable tips on how photographers can scale their businesses with effective marketing. 

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1. It’s Not About Your Talent – It’s About Your Marketing Skills

No matter how gifted a photographer you are, you won’t get anywhere if no one knows who you are. You see, without great marketing, few people will know just what you can do with a camera to hand. Your ideal clients will never know what you can bring to the table, and you’ll miss out on what could be a lucrative, impactful, and fulfilling career – while less talented, less experienced photographers get ahead. 

2. The “Go-To” Doesn’t “Go Get”

The fastest way to become the “go-to” photographer in your niche is to position yourself as one of – if not the – best around. And the best doesn’t “hunt” for clients. Rather, they show what they can do, and position themselves at the top of the mountain, as a beacon of value for their dream clients to see. This pulls their prospects to them because they’re able to see that the “go-to” knows what they’re doing. 

3. You’ve Gotta Give To Receive

Giving value upfront shows you’re credible, competent, and can do what you say. If you’re giving value to your prospects before they’ve paid you a dime, it taps into the “reciprocity” appeal, which makes people want to do you a service because you’ve done them one first. If you’ve already helped your prospects solve a problem for free, charging what you want becomes a cinch.

4. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Only a few big levers are make or break for your business. Only a handful of factors will stop it from growing, or blow it into the stratosphere. Focus on these instead of smaller, less relevant things, and you’ll find yourself on the path to success much faster. When it comes to scaling your business, anything that doesn’t serve this purpose is background noise. Get the big levers down, and then make smaller tweaks as and when they’re necessary. 

Now, if you’re a photographer looking to scale your business and unlock the life you want, you can connect with Mats on his social platforms at the links below.




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