At 57, I am embracing life with a greater sense of passion, purpose, and joy then I have felt in years past. I have always been a positive woman and today, am fortunate to have a beautiful family, a seven-month-old granddaughter who has expanded the way I view the world, friends who have shared this road for many years together, work that inspires me and, love that has been a beautiful gift. My life has been full and as I look back, I have loved every moment, both the good and the challenges as all have brought lessons and depth to my existence. I have experienced divorce, the death of a parent, serious financial setbacks, heartaches with my children, anxiety, and bouts of depression, and have felt at times that my decisions and choices were those expected of me.
As the years have passed I feel I walk closer into my truest self every day. Today, I live a more authentic and inspired life. I understand now more fully how vital it is to live a life truly aligned with my values, and that when the way I live…I say modern minimalist, and the choices I make are ones that support what I value, I have a calm more centered and grounded feeling. This allows for more depth in my relationships, more confidence in the decisions I make in life and business, and a more compassionate way of being with myself and others. I make choices that support what is most important to me regarding my health, love, and family and in turn feel a deeper sense of purpose in my life. 
Now…..I feel even more excited about life and what is to come. There is a freedom and expansiveness that I have tapped into as I am getting older. I am more adventurous, bolder, and feel more comfortable in my skin then ever before. I have embraced the changes happening to my face and body. I feel physically stronger than I have ever been due to a strong yoga practice. I eat well, get good sleep, have a regular meditation practice, and make choices to support my best health and wellbeing. 
I work as a life and positive aging coach and have revamped my practice to focus on this topic. My work is in helping women who are struggling with some aspect of aging which is getting in the way of experiencing all the gifts and beauty that are available as we age. Relationship to ourselves is at the root….our aging faces, bodies, how we see ourselves in the world…then there is our changing families, work, love and sex as we age, and so much more. There is nothing I love more than to support others in their desire to live a more passionate life. 
I love to be in the community and in the conversation about redefining aging. There are more and more of us paving the way and living our most exciting chapter yet. I wake up every day with excitement and curiosity about what the day will hold, and feel so thrilled about all there is yet to experience.