It’s no secret, self-care is most important to anyone who wants to be highly successful. When we thrive in an environment of nonstop, full-throttle tasking, we sometimes neglect to take care of ourselves. Here are some tips that have worked immensely for me and prove to be great leadership qualities.

Practice situational awareness

If you are blessed with a long commute such as myself, you quickly realize that this time is very precious and should be treated as such. I start by reflecting back on interactions that I had with both customers and co-workers. What was said, body language, facial expressions, and how I made the other person feel, are all things I reflect on. It is in these moments that I truly understand why I make the decisions that I do, as well as how to become a better decision maker.

Appreciate yourself

Continued success relies upon being able to know when to appreciate yourself and when not to boast. I hardly ever hold my accomplishments high for others to see. Instead, I created a self-recognition program that alleviates the need to boast. To know what success is without others telling you what they think it is, is a trait of a someone who makes their own success.

Acknowledge your missteps

Making mistakes is not something you should fear. What you should fear, is failing to recognize you made a mistake and not correcting it. Great leaders show others that it is ok to make a mistake, by making it known they make mistakes too. I have a daily routine that includes making mistakes to allow myself to learn and grow from them. No, I do not intentionally set out to make mistakes, but I am intentional with treating myself positively to allow mistakes to be made.

Crossing the finish line while eyeing another

Success isn’t measured by how well you did something, it’s about how well you continually do things. Not stopping to celebrate a success doesn’t mean you don’t care about it. It means you have bigger and better aspirations and won’t slow down just because you accomplished one. I’m not saying to not celebrate a success, just recognize which ones mean the most to you and keep searching for your next big success!