While stuck at home practicing social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are turning to at-home workouts and online exercise classes to get their sweat on.

There are a ton of places to find workouts to do at home. While some people tune into workouts hosted by their CEO, some prefer YouTube videos, and some want to tune into an Instagram Live to make it feel like they are at a real class.

Whatever your preference, it’s no denying that there is an amazing selection of apps that are offering great at-home workout classes right now. If you are someone who has been taking advantage of these apps, a new study shows that you might just be more confident and consistent than those who don’t.

The study, done by Elliptical Reviews, asked nearly 1,000 people about their exercise habits, and the results were bright for those who use exercise apps.

Exercise app users workout more consistently

The study found that 55% of respondents have used a fitness app before, but the interesting part is that those who use apps workout more consistently than those who don’t use them.

According to the study, 40% of people who use fitness apps workout five or more days per week, compared to 31% of people who don’t use apps workout at the same rate. On average, more than half of the people who don’t use fitness apps workout three or fewer days per week.

The study found that only 4.9% of non-app workers exercise every day, compared to 7% of app users.

Confidence can be boosted from using fitness apps

According to the survey, 73% of women and 66% of men say they have boosted confidence from using workout apps.

“It has made me confident that the exercises I do are actually helping me and that I am actually doing them right since it shows videos every time I start a workout,” one 29-year-old female respondent said.

Where do exercisers prefer to workout?

Those who use workout apps enjoy working out in different locations, favoring a mixture of the gym and home workouts, including apartment gyms. With those who don’t use apps, 32% said they worked out at the gym and 35% preferred to work out at home.

App users still prefer to work out at the gym to any other location, despite the often free, on-demand access that comes with workout apps.

Smartwatches help with fitness goals

Other findings include that many people agree smartwatches help to reach their fitness goals. Almost 20% of people reported that smartwatches are extremely helpful in achieving fitness goals, which is more than other workouts apps.

Additionally, those that use a smartwatch saw a boost in their level of fitness after using it compared to before using with. There is an 86% decrease in people who considered themselves “not at all fit” after using a smartwatch.

Around 46% of the workout app users said they have also used a smartwatch, and many still got a confidence boost with it, with almost 54% of men and 59% of women said the smartwatch increased their confidence while working out.

Originally published on Ladders.

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