It seems absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Most people know that one of the keys to a successful and happy marriage is both parties being able to spend some time apart from each other, but they probably didn’t think it was this much time! A new study is showing that the key to a happy marriage just may be spending five nights apart from each other every month, so if you were contemplating whether or not you should book that girls’ trip, do it now!

Travelodge conducted a poll of more than 2000 people and found that married couples who travel for work, therefore spend time away from each other on the regular, have the happiest marriages. The study found that 8 in 10 people credited their happy marriage with being able to have a break from each other, while 75% also felt that spending that time apart helped keep things exciting in the bedroom.

Almost a fifth of respondents claimed that they enjoyed their time away from home, especially if they have children since it offers them a break from the daily grind of parenting. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of peace and quiet every once and a while? Twenty-one per cent of those who travel for their jobs said being away from home is positive both for the person travelling and the person at home who gets to enjoy their house to themselves.

The study found that 40% of those surveyed who worked away from home were extremely happy in their relationships compared to just 30% of couples who were always together. “Nowadays we can potentially work anywhere thanks to technology which is why business travel is becoming more essential in our working lives,” said Shakila Ahmed, a representative from Travelodge. “It’s good to see Britons are benefiting from taking regular business trips as it provides a break from the hustle and bustle of family life and provides some much-needed me-time.”

While work travel certainly affords many couples the opportunity to spend time away from each other, not everyone can afford to travel separately every month. This survey does support recent research that suggests taking time to vacation with your BFF’s is also a key to living a happy life. Spending five days a month apart from your significant other may not be feasible for everyone, but focusing on your own health and happiness is clearly the key to not only being healthy and happy yourself but also being in a happy relationship.

Originally published on Moms.

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