Deep in the tenants of a hole behind a hole, under a place in space are discoveries that have been left uncovered for a reason.

Knowledge can be a tool for construction or destruction, as the ability to apply knowledge is called wisdom and wisdom is not learned, but earned…many Asian cultures, give us 60 years to acquire knowledge and our second cycle of 60 years to apply the knowledge through wisdom trails.

Over the course of time, I have received information which I didn’t immediately understand. These dilemmas daunted the haunted hallways of my mind as I replayed tapes, mused and refused to give up…this eventually led to understandings and lit light bulbs.

My appetite for knowledge began to haunt me at a very early age, as I wanted to not just know What, I also wanted to grasp Why and Where the roots of these knowledge-trees…and of course I wanted to know when I could incorporate this new fuel into my arsenal to enhance my propulsion.

The filter I have learned over time and continue work to raise the bar, is discernment…as my dear mother once branded onto my soul, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

…while we know what we know, we will remained challenged to manage what we know by determining what to do with what we know…

I guess that know-grow will one day be recognized as the fuel which guides us to land and eventually assist us to spread our wings.

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