You cannot see, you do not see

You will be brought face to face with yourself in the mirror. To see what man has done to its humans, to its animals, to the plant, to yourself.

In business your people are tired, exhausted, have no feelings or purpose. They get sick and do not recover. Yet still you beat them with words. Do more, produce more, work faster, work harder, work longer hours. No wonder they want to be free. Now they make choices about their lives. What is important. It’s not money, it’s not status, it’s not title. It’s happiness, joy, love, appreciation, support, help and potential.

You must create a new vision. One that brings together the true value of your organisation and you as the leader. You connect people to their potential. Through growth, community, trust, wellbeing and relationships.

To create a pyramid of potential, where all thrive as leaders of their own life. Who create and inspire, with passion, with excitement, with joy and with purpose.

Where everyone becomes energised, uplifted and lit from inside. They see the value of speaking their truth and being in their unlimited potential.

When everyone is in their purpose, there is profit, engagement and operating in maximum efficiency.

You are opening a portal, a portal into the future where everyone contributes to the bigger vision. With their unique gifts, talents and leadership skills.

Each employee is given the opportunity to stand up and express their wants, needs and desires without the fear of ridicule, judgement or disregard. There is a richness in the melting pot of ideas that they bring. That you could never have expected and that exceed all your expectations. You have set them free and so the change begins. You are one of the changemakers.

All channelled messages from my guides are published without alteration and are delivered as messages that you have been requested to hear. Their directness is intentional. Be aware of transformation, insight and direct action taken as a result!

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