Inspire Others

I’ve completed sixty interviews since my book, Raven Transcending Fear, was released in February.  The interviewers have been gracious, and the audiences have been inviting. I enjoy the discussions because I share my transformational story and help inspire them to take their healing journeys.  What I consider an ordinary conversation with a podcast host brings a new perspective to their audience. I don’t want to motivate them, but I hope to inspire them.   

It may seem like a subtle difference, but I believe motivation and inspiration are unique.  When I try to motivate, I feel like I’m pushing.  Motivation is about psyching people up to take action.  It’s what you’re “supposed” to be doing. It’s a good idea, but not a passionate, burning desire that originates at the core of your being.  Motivation is about moving people to act in a way that achieves a specific and immediate goal. 

Inspiration comes from a completely different place. The word inspiration means to be in spirit. So, it’s about being called to act because you’re in direct alignment with the true potential that is your authentic self.

Inspiration involves changing the way people think and feel about themselves, so they want to take positive actions. It taps into their values and desires.  Inspiration appeals to the best aspirations of everyone, and its often unspoken message is, “You can become what you want to be.” No reward promised, other than the reward that comes from within: the sense of personal satisfaction.

The word ‘inspire’ means to breathe into, to touch the spirit—the spirit being our life force, our breath. ~ Ric Stuecker

What Hinders Inspiration?

If your ego is involved, then you may motivate, but you’re not inspiring. The egoic mind will do everything it can to win the point, argument, or position.  It’s about telling everyone why you are right, and they are wrong. How is this inspiring? It’s not. Only authenticity allows others to see you and determines their views, and enables inspiration to occur.

Lack of communication will hamper your ability to inspire others because they won’t understand your message. But, on the other hand, not communicating is uninspiring whether others don’t see your vision or you cannot actively listen to their input.

Controlling behaviors obstruct inspiration. Why? Because people like autonomy.  And when they have independence, they thrive when inspired. So micromanaging people will stifle achievement. Instead, give people a direction, the timeline, and the power to act.

Any negativity will squash inspiration: the moment a negative statement is said, the energy of the room changes. So be cautious in how you state constructive criticism so that it’s taken as a catalyst for positive change, not demeaning another. 

Not speaking the truth thwarts inspiration. I’m not just talking about lying to people. I’m referring to staying silent when you know you should speak up. Tell people what you believe and that you will stand with them even if they disagree with you. Uncertainty fuels bitterness, envy, and anger, so speak your truth with confidence.

We all serve as a vessel to be messengers for one another. Are you sharing the messages you are inspired to speak? Someone is waiting to hear your words. ~  Nanette Mathews

Characteristics Of Inspirational People

When you look at people in your life who inspire you, what do they have in common?  I see there are five commonalities.

  1. Courageous people inspire. Why? Because they have the perseverance to push past the fear the egoic mind put into the forefront of their life. They’re able to overcome the obstacles in their life and become warriors for their authentic selves.  Being able to defeat the inner demons gave their lives more profound meaning and used their past to propel them towards their dreams.
  2. To Inspire, you have to be on your healing journey. When you notice your wounds and start the healing process, you stop reacting negatively to life. You no longer lash out and hurt those around you. Instead, your actions inspire others, watching you go through the act of forgiveness, learning to set personal boundaries, and starting your personal development.
  3. Empathic people inspire. Being able to listen to another and understand their perspective helps make authentic connections. When someone empathizes with you, they’re validating your thoughts, feelings and accepting you. They speak the truth but are kind in their delivery because they understand your goals and desire to help you attain them. 
  4. Inspirational people respond with love in all situations.  They’re inclusive and accept everyone. They encourage those around them, appreciate the people in their life, and will share openly. Their compassionate natures are how they respond to the world around them.
  5. Inspiring people understand the power of collaboration. These inspirational people look for ways to bring others together because they recognize the collective power to bring about those changes that impact everyone for the better. They see this collaborative work as an act of service.

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ways For You To Inspire Others

Impactful relationships are how you inspire others because you are being watched by your friends, family, and co-workers.  What are they seeing? Are you showing them how to take bold action towards your dreams, even if you’re afraid? Maybe you’re being authentically you and allowing them to be themselves. That’s truly inspirational.

Have high expectations for yourself and others. When you have higher standards of excellence, two things happen. First, when you achieve your goals, it inspires others. Second, when you believe others can achieve greatness, they rise and meet your expectations because you think they can achieve those standards. By doing so, you positively influence them.

Be passionate about life. Enthusiasm is contagious, so we attract other passionate people into our tribe.  When you show up, your passion changes the dynamics of those around you.  Why? Because the joy others see in you comes from within your soulful self. The energy and excitement of those around you fuel your passion. This energetic flow back and forth is inspiring to all who witness.

Keep your word to others. Honesty is inspirational because the egoic mind believes everyone will only protect themselves, so people mistrust. And since many try to ditch their responsibilities, follow through on what you say you will do. Then, people will notice and be impressed.

Serving and attempting to inspire others is a responsibility, not a choice. ~ Bill Courtney

Moving Forward Inspiring Others

You’ve felt uninspired and had someone unknowingly lift your spirit by their positive words, actively listening, enthusiasm for life, or their belief in you. Their joy in pausing what they are doing to care for you allows you to feel better.  

Inspiration isn’t about grand acts. It’s about you being authentically you. It’s sharing your story of overcoming obstacles to get to this place in life.  Or it’s taking bold action towards your dreams. Maybe it’s you standing by your convictions despite the circumstances. Sometimes it’s acknowledging your missteps and apologizing for hurting someone.

See, simply being your authentic self can inspire others to be courageous enough to be their authentic selves too. Just like you need a bit of inspiration in your life, you can easily give it as well. 

By reaching out to others with the power and ability you’ve been given, you never know who you’re helping. And whose life you are creating and leaving an impact on as you encourage, motivate, and inspire them, too. ~ Jenna Kandyce Linch

Do you need to learn how to inspire others by shining your inner light? Do you need help to become your authentic self? If so, please reach out to me at, and we can put together an action plan for you to create the life you desire.