Watching a movie on the 70 mm screen with high resolution makes each of us happy and exciting, but watching the same movie on our home screens will not be that much-enduring comparatively. Citing this example, I am trying to put a more significant thought in motion, that is “to take life as eventful and shift your thinking gears in a broader & wider perspective.”

Make life worth enjoying on a 70 mm screen to see the bigger picture and format our perspective frames that are larger in size and broader in thought ratio than the standard 35 mm life screen which we are actually living.


There are many relationships in our life which we hold it as “PRECIOUS,” and we have spent a lot of time, making steady efforts, gaining those blissful & cherished memories in that relation to be termed it as “PRECIOUS” or imperative from both ends. But sometimes because of circumstances or bad timings, there are instances that our most prized relations or individuals hold us accountable for something which we have never intended to do or think of, and vice versa we hold them accountable too.

Such constraints & events narrow down the beauty of relation, and in turn, there comes a huge gap to bridge upon. I think most of us take decisions basis the particular present moment and instances, ignoring the big picture. We certainly tend to forget all those beautiful times, on which we have built upon the foundation of such relations to persist. Our life revolves all around the people we are surrounded by, be it parents, spouse, kids, siblings, cousins, friends, peers. Time is short, and making a quick analysis of a particular thing, whether positive or negative is so fast, and it just takes a fraction of seconds for us to infer conclusions. Is it right? 

I believe we need to focus our lenses a more to see the event with a larger angle. The wider, sharper perspective allows us to see details as we see them on the big screen and permits us to view and analyze things which we have not done before.

Life will be all the more beautiful if we take it as a 70 mm screen and try dipping in the fuller and complete aspect of circumstances. Broadening our mind tracks will indeed give us tranquility to think about the particular event or person whose acts or words may have succumbed us but we usually tend to divert all our positive energy into negative or bad thoughts about the event or the individual concerned, forgetting the larger standpoint in place.For our own self, let’s take a breather and rewind our lifetime a bit…we may recall some fond memories and a big chunk of our life’s good time attached to those relations which are dear to us.We must recollect the best of things done by that person for us and ..for which we felt happy and thankful as well. 

Life is not about one big thing it’s about many small things accumulated together to make it BIG!

We all have your own set perspective, which we probably won’t change easily, and the bigger question arises “why should we?” Sometimes when change is for a peaceful “me ” it’s worth trying at least once. Try hearing out to what others have to say, how they see the circumstance and let them explain the situation. Not only we will have more room for thought, but we would rather gain a new perspective, and build upon the relationship. I believe that steadily and determinedly thinking about sighting new perspectives will make all the difference.

Let’s not waste the beautiful time of our life carrying the liability of a troubled relationship.We all love to have that extra space in our gadgets to store things which make us happy and are precious, and we are ready to pay the price to buy that extra space. So why not increase our mind space to accumulate all those lovely things, memories, people, relations (which is even without a cost). 

Broaden up your mind and heart zone for a healthy and heartening life, and we will realize after some time, that the things which we made so big in our life were actually not worth making so big if we would have given a little extra space to our outlook!

So, let the movie of your life roll on the big screen and enjoy the life as it comes with an approach which is larger and bigger !! to make our ONE life all the more beautiful with our loved ones!!