While this article is particularly channeled for the male folks, females can also profit from reading this post.

Depending on genetics or hormonal differences, (and sometimes ethnicity), hair growth on the face (beards) can be dense, sparse or reside just at the middle of these two extremes. Whatever case it may be with anyone, the issue of shaving and removal of those facial hair is always a concern with males (as well as among the very few females who happen to have abundant facial hairs).

When it comes to shaving and hygiene, there are those who like keeping their beards (most times due to religious inclinations or just for aesthetic and beauty), there are those who go on bald faces with no trace of hair on their faces (this is sometimes also due to religious inclination and beauty) and there are those who are at the center of this two.

In all cases, shaving is done at different degrees, while the bald-faced folks do theirs on a very regular basis, the full bearded ones do it sparingly and those at the center do it in like manner.

Below are some tips on healthy shaving.

· With razors, there are two choices, the electric shaver and the traditional shavers: While the former is for trimming, the latter if for clean shave. Make sure you use the right shaver for the right purpose.

· Shave along the grain: This means apply the razor along the same direction as hair growth. This will prevent rashes as well as bumps.

· Ensure your hair is hydrated before shaving: this is done by applying warm water before shaving. Bathing before shaving helps you with this automatically.

· Use the best shaving gel: this is very important for those with sensitive skin. Also, recent studies have shown that certain shaving gels can lead to sexual complications in men.

· Use aftershaves to moisturize your skin after shaving. This is because during shaving, you lost a lot of your skin oil.

This article gives more tips on shaving and shaven techniques.

What are some of the benefits of shaving?

Irrespective of how often it is done, below are some of the benefits of taking your time to remove those hair off your face.

· Makes you more productive: Taking time to shave (say early in the morning) sets the mind in mood to work and get things going. Also in the corporate community, having those facial hairs removed seems to make you smarter and more professional.

· Better Hygiene: A study showed that the bacteria present in dense beards is the same as those in human waste. Shaving helps to rid your face of these bacteria.

· Appear younger and better: Research has shown that a beard can make a man seem older by almost 10 years. It means that getting rid of your beards can bring you down by 10 years. Hilarious it might sound but shaving sure brings out the youth in you.

· A better and Healthier skin: Shaving helps to remove not just the hair in your face but also the dead skin cells on your face and therefore eliminates the possibility of acne and provides for a smooth and healthy skin.

These all add up to a better healthier life and
therefore an increase in performance, family and also in the work place.