Hi everyone, and welcome back to part 3 in this series of articles. I trust you enjoyed the transformative learnings shared in part 2, and perhaps it’s shown to you that losing our eyesight isn’t entirely so black and white. Those incidents within your own life that you’ve been falsely perceiving as being ‘all bad, terrible and with no upsides’ maybe aren’t after all.

Looking back, I am grateful to have walked away from my football hooligan life and turned my life around for the better. The truth is, I no longer blame myself or others, feel loss, consider myself disabled, compare my life to others, feel anger or am I pained by or a victim to this or other incidents that brought me pain. It took me years of investing in my personal development to become aware of, address, and transform the unhealthy disempowering psychological states that led me many times to the brink of suicide. My mind was upgraded to adopt more empowering, conscious, and healthy thoughts, attitudes, and behaviours. And as a result, I live daily with gratitude and accountability and can identify if I am in alignment with my wholeness, love, and what inspires me.

To inspire you to embrace gratitude for the challenges and the pain they bring you, here are few things I am grateful for:

·      The learning and lessons I’ve received and continue to receive through my blindness.

·      The accountability to make empowering choices.

·      I no longer blame my assailant for the incidents that happened. I accept that I had to be there, too; it was and always had been a co-creation between two people.

·      I can see the whole picture of my blindness, not just the loss but also the gain.

·      Being able to do so much more that without being blind, I wouldn’t have been able to.

·      Learning to love what was once unlovable to me, I no longer feel a need to compare my life with others.

·      My anger has dissipated to almost nothing.

·      To not regret my blindness and consider it to be a fantastic teacher.

·      For the Inspiration my partial blindness gives me.

You may be wondering how did I do that?

Well, most of you know that I am being coached by Tony J. Selimi, one of the best teachers of modern times I have come across. With him, as your coaching partner, you start to discover this incredible intelligence that lies within you, that each one of us has but have forgotten. Imagine what you would like to change if you too did what I did, which is committing to working with this incredible teacher that changes your life for the better forever?

I love to brag about him and his methods and teachings because, time and time again, he has created extraordinary results not just for me but from many of his incredible clients I have had the pleasure to meet over the years being coached by him. His books, too, are phenomenal. Reading them changes your psychology, and before you know it, you start to experience a healthier, more intelligent, and more inspired life. Perhaps you may be someone like me, who before I met Tony, I focused on my disability, the loss, and what is perceived to be missing in my life. It may be things that you wish you had in your own life, profession, business, your family, friends, employers, health professionals, even society. Imagine how grateful would you be to be free of such pain.

It is what Tony J. Selimi did for me. He freed me from the self-inflicted pain. He uses his profound methods and mind transforming principles to diffuse what would have been a lifetime of regret and pain that came with being labelled disabled through my OCD and my partial blindness. Whilst simultaneously, he awakens you to the greatest that lives within you. Forever, I’m grateful toTony for continuously reminding me to see the magnificence of this intelligence that lives in us all.

An intelligence I’m so grateful to be able to share some of with you all, one that goes far beyond the illusion of trying to attain or maintain a 100% positive mental health state. Through the saying to ourselves be only positive, remain strong, and focus on the good only. Tony teaches you how to embrace the duality in you masterfully and avoid the segregation from our wholeness.  Something that leads me to suffer a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, OCD, and attention deficit disorder, and other mental health issues. Albeit one of my creations, as all of them are, because any event we perceive as one-sided traumatises us. It is what I learned through every session with Tony tackling every stress-inducing event you can imagine. Many of us often discard the consequences of the adverse events happening to us until it is too late.

I trust that sharing my journey and lessons learned in this and other articles have shown to you that to break through the pain and regret of blindness or any incident that pains us, we must seek help sooner than later. I learned that it requires somewhat more than daily consistent positive self-talk to change our lives, be healthier, and live purposefully no matter what job we do. Working with Tony offers you an alternative to taking anti-depressants and other mental illness prescribed medication, developing addictions, and feeling anxious. This is why it is wise to invest in your self-mastery journey with him so that you avoid and prevent future damaging side effects of not facing your predicaments that crush your being.

Why the mention of medication and, in particular, anti-depressants? For two decades, the incident described left me as it would many depressed. Coping with blindness is something millions struggle with globally. But digging deeper, it may not be with the blindness the struggle. In my case, it was my psychological perception of it, which, as Tony J. Selimi taught me, happens when we falsely believe something is purely destructive, and that is what pains us.

Because when we are left living with the fall out of such experiences, they overwhelm, stress us, and cause diseases.

Our depression concerning such incidents, because I’ve learned, are often created by us living with irrational illusions, fantasy’s in our minds where we wash hours of our lives away wishing we hadn’t been there. It was the same for me. I hoped that I had spent my time at weekends studying for an HNC in Mechanical Engineering, which I tried, but had to drop out of when I became housebound through my OCD for seven months in my early 20’s. Then obtain a degree, instead of the years of Saturdays spent going to football matches. For sure, it would have been a wiser choice, but the reality is this former thinking of mine was all a fantasy and a waste of our most precious commodity, ‘TIME.’

As Tony taught me, in bringing our psychology into equilibrium, we can allow ourselves to see the wholeness of every event that happens to us. By doing so, we start to see beyond the fantasy that our mind likes to build and allows for our depression to dissolve. Tony J. Selimi awakened me to see that it’s within our minds the pharmaceutical company, medication for which we must reach when we are suffering. From personal experience, the anti-depressants took never came anywhere near to resolving this issue for me. They numbed me to it only. Investing in my personal development and having a fantastic teacher like Tony awakened me to the genius within and used my mind’s power to change my life.

Two decades of pain and regret, dissolved, gone in the years I have worked with Tony all through using a power that exists within each one of us. The question is, how much is this worth for you to create similar life-transforming results?

May this article leave you inspired, with a new perspective on what it means to label yourself or someone disabled and awaken you to the possibilities of greater diversity and inclusion for all when we look beyond the perceived initial disability and dig deeper to see the greatness that lies beneath, which was always there.

Thank you, Tony J. Selimi, for awakening me to the truth that there is no loss without gain, that nothing is missing. That it was always there in another form. Love and gratitude are the greatest healers of all time, far superior to one-sided thinking and trying to remain only positive in the face of any adversity.

Lastly, thank you to my blindness for being a most magnificent blessing, teacher, and educator. Although I greatly appreciate my time that Saturday at the football match could have been better spent than being involved in the incident. Some people may judge me for my time spent as a football hooligan, but also, some people appreciate my honesty and my courage to share my journey and what I am now grateful for. After all, all I have done gave birth to this series of articles, becoming a more empowered employee, an advocate of mental health, and sharing with you the knowledge learned on what can only be described as life-changing.

Paul McMonagle

Piping Supervisor, Work Pack Engineer and Mental Health Ambassador

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