Hi everyone and welcome back to part two in the series Seeing Our Magnificence Through Blindness in which I will be sharing more challenges, the valuable life lessons that came out of them and the many blessings that followed.

Read on if you do not see your magnificence and are looking to learn, grow and evolve further. The false perceptions of reality we create also are the origin of us instantly judging one another without self-reflecting and digging deeper into our skewed judgements.

The pain caused by almost thirty years of judgment of self and others and many of the life experiences that challenged me to my core depleted my life force and made me do things that caused further separation and changed me for worse.

In one of my life-transforming coaching session with Tony J. Selimi, a business consultant and life coach specialising in human behaviour and the psychology of health, wealth and success, he said to me something that changed my life:

“Focusing on what you have lost Paul, is precisely what pains you.”

My immediate response was, of course it is, I’ve lost my eyesight. Intuitively, he knew I was blinded to see only the pain and not everything I had gained from that experience that left me partially blind. Being the excellent coach and teacher that he is, with the most present of listening skills, Tony knew it was my pain talking before he even finished the sentence. He asked me to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, then followed up by asking me:

“Paul, do you like living with this pain?

I responded swiftly, no, and I don’t, and I don’t know anyone who does.

He then, with his calming and confident voice, asked:

“Paul, would you like to be free of this pain?”

Of course, it was my reply.

Over the next few days, what happened was one of the most transformative mind-blowing experiences that any of us could experience. Tony asked me to dig into my past and write 400 Benefits to my blindness on my train home. My initial response was that he’s nuts, how on earth is partially blind a benefit to me? I even told him so, to which he smiled and as we finished our consultation said, do the exercise, and you’ll see.

Frankly, you may think it’s an impossible task, but working with Tony as your coach and business mentor means to accept stretching your mind and go beyond your perceived limiting beliefs that hold you back. His coaching style, knowledge and TJSeMethod: ALARM™ forces your mind to see the unseen, acknowledge the presence of yin and yang in every experience you may think it is good or bad.

I never managed to finish the task on time, and my mind went blank. I booked another session with him to complete this one simple, yet for many an impossible task. When you carry out such an exercise, the awareness you build forces you to acknowledge the omnipresent intelligence that runs through you, each consultation with him, be it personal, business, financial, relationship or leadership helps you bring into equilibrium our unbalanced perception of such past events, ultimately freeing you from pain, in my case, my blindness.

This objectivity that Tony helps you create allows you to feel, love, appreciate, and gratitude for any experience and all involved in its creation, including for ourselves and any perceived assailant.

In the list below I’ve put together a sample of the benefits I wrote on that train home that changed me forever and for better.

Lifetime Benefits of my Blindness

  1. My blindness made me more adaptable
  2. I am far more diligent through my blindness
  3. I became overly analytical through my blindness
  4. My blindness makes me more driven to be successful
  5. My blindness made me more disciplined
  6. My blindness has made me more flexible
  7. My levels of focus increased thanks to my blindness
  8. I am genuine, authentic when I talk of my blindness
  9. I became more independent thanks to my blindness
  10. I am happier now that I no longer regret my blindness
  11. My blindness increased my levels of intelligence
  12. My blindness made me more hardworking
  13. I became meticulous through my blindness
  14. My blindness made me more good-hearted
  15. My blindness made me more observant
  16. My blindness made me more grateful
  17. My blindness increased my levels of patience
  18. My blindness makes me want to help others more
  19. My blindness made me take responsibility for my actions
  20. I am now able to share knowledge gained through my blindness
  21. My blindness has made me more humane
  22. My blindness increased my talents

On reflection, in the last five years, all the work I have done with Tony has helped me build what he calls “a healing mindset”. Thanks to my blindness and seeing everything through my right eye, I have achieved many things that I denied to acknowledge. My sight, as a result, has improved, so has my overall wellbeing. Of course, I go through moments of doubts, and it is what OCD if left uncontrolled can do to you, but Tony has taught me many tools that I apply when adversity hits me.

Today I’ve found it incredibly liberating to function with this new awareness that a teacher like Tony can help you build over time. I often ask myself, if there were more people to learn and use Tony’s excellent method in their daily lives, I am confident that many would free themselves of the emotional garbage that stops them from living a balanced, healthy and peaceful life. No longer would they either continue to experience such pain that occupies time and space in their minds. Thus allowing them to live in the present and indeed be pain-free. I can see how all companies would benefit from putting their employees through Tony’s teachings and customised training. 

Do join me in Part 3 where I’ll share more about how this man’s teachings and methods can change every aspect of our thinking, acting, behaving, and collaborating. The significant part is, no matter how hard you try to ignore the truth you deep down feel, his style of consulting with you creates a safe space where you are empowered to see the wholeness of all that is present in your life. And that my friends, is the magic Tony J. Selimi helps you bring into your life.

I will also share how the medication we seek outwardly is, in fact, present within ourselves. It gets shut down when we look to stave off the bouts of anxiety, depression, despair caused when we live our current lives perhaps regretting our past, or are affected by past traumatic events.

Paul McMonagle

Piping Supervisor, Work Pack Engineer and Mental Health Ambassador

PS – Let me leave you with this quote taken from the book A Path to Wisdom by – Tony J. Selimi ” One of the best ways to prevent falls is to maintain a sound, responsive, and enduring sense of balance.”

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