Monica: Starting a wine company is such a departure from your past career in finance! What led to your daring leap of faith to go all in?

Alix: After a life-threatening medical emergency that ultimately led to freezing my eggs, I was faced with a daunting pile of medical bills. In an attempt to pay off what insurance wouldn’t cover, I began throwing ticketed pool parties at my aunt and uncle’s home in Sonoma. These parties were known for their all-embracing and welcoming atmosphere where both men and women could be themselves without the fear of falling victim to the typical stereotypes that society has built.

After seeing how gender dynamics played a crucial role in social settings – from college, the workplace and beyond – I was inspired to change the way that men and women interact at parties by creating an inclusive and equal playing field where everyone can have fun on their own terms.

This is how Bev was born – a canned adult beverage that is crisp, dry, and a lil’ fizzy – along with the goal to create a brand centered around inclusive, respectful drinking culture with an emphasis on creating female-friendly spaces. 

Monica: I so appreciate how you were able to recognize the need to create safe, inclusive spaces for everyone to have fun in. What do you think has been the most problematic in your industry?

Alix: The alcohol industry has long failed to serve the unmet needs of women. As a completely male-dominated industry, brands have not let go of traditional static push advertising that clings to sexualization. I wanted to change that with digital agility, community-centric and authentic marketing capabilities, all while building an engaged, evangelist network and audience.  

Most importantly, it was about creating a community of women and men who believe in redefining the landscape of the drinking culture at large. I wanted to create a space to support women and men who do it differently and do it better, and we are excited to have everyone along for the ride.

Monica: I love the message and mission of your brand, and how it stems from a place of personal empowerment no matter who you are. How do you see it expanding in the future?

Alix: My experiences, both transitioning within the workforce and medically, led me to create a brand centered around inclusivity that focuses on people’s strengths instead of their insecurities.  It’s why I took it upon myself to help bridge the ever-growing shift in gender dynamics, an issue that the world has seen grow exponentially through movements such as #MeToo. 

After the inception of Bev, we decided to extend our voice by creating the organization ‘Made by Chicks,’ which focuses on empowering women and offering them a place to come find support that they are unable to find elsewhere. We also love our Bev Boys who know how to do it right.

Bev is unique because it represents much more than the liquid inside. It’s a movement rooted in the concept of empowering underserved communities and redefining the traditional alcoholic beverage industry from the inside out. Ultimately, my vision for Bev goes further than canned wine. It’s about building a platform that expands the #BreakTheGlass mission beyond the alcohol space.

Monica: Your energy and passion are palpable throughout everything you do! What keeps your fire burning, while staying healthy and happy?

Alix: To me, health and happiness mean waking up eager to make a change in the world we live in. Coming from a male-dominated world as a former hedge fund manager, executive tech recruiter, and film-school dropout — I had no experience in the beverage space. 

I did, however, have a mission: create a voice for women where there had never truly been one. Having the opportunity to help others become the true and best versions of themselves is what keeps my flames constantly burning.

My work continues to motivate me every day to keep moving so I can create something larger than myself, but mental health and physical health do go hand-in-hand. For me, this means fulfilling my sense of purpose by waking up every day knowing that I am helping incubate a change that allows women to have a sense of freedom that they may have not been previously granted. When my mind feels good, my body feels good.

Passion will be your oxygen.

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