We all enjoy compliments and encouragement throughout our lives. The positive reinforcement we receive can boost confidence and self-esteem but what type of feedback benefits us the most?

Many of us respond to criticism by turning to run in the opposite direction. We take it as a negative response to our actions and oftentimes don’t allow it to assist us in life. It is time to reconstruct the mindset and start loving the criticism that is sent our way.

Here is an example that may make this subject more understandable. I like to compare positive feedback to dessert. It is sweet while we eat it but it doesn’t always help us pursue personal growth. Although positive feedback is necessary, it doesn’t always give us the largest growth margin. Whereas the negative feedback is comparable to vegetables. We may not enjoy eating them but they are good for our bodies. Criticism is tough to chew at times but it can help reach our full potential.

If we all stop searching so hard for compliments and grow upon the constructive criticism, our personal growth can skyrocket. The shield we put up on tough love feedback has to be taken down and it all must be welcomed. Although this isn’t always easy to hear, it can help us reach our full potential.

Take in positive feedback with thanks and welcome constructive criticism with excitement.

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Originally published at medium.com