Rachael Bodie

Today, she uses her experience and knowledge to help others scale their businesses to the next level, helping them reach 6 to 7 figure goals. With her all-encompassing package, Rachael mentors her entrepreneurial clients through a simplified 3-step process. Her goal is in helping these female entrepreneurs grow their businesses, so they can love the new freedom and flexibility offered to them, while still reaping the rewards of a thriving business.

With authentic leadership, experience, and a decade of knowledge behind her, Rachael is changing lives. The most important aspect is knowing they can expand their bottom line without having to rely on heavy marketing ads or burnout! Thanks to a proven track record, her clients recognize the worth of her expertise.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget everything that goes into running a business, and mindset is just as important as other aspects. As a business coach, Rachael helps her clients combine a winning mindset along with perfected strategies to create a difference in their bottom line. This helps them understand what’s needed while helping propel them to the next level.

One of the challenges Rachael first came across was balancing her business while raising small children. While it was demanding early on, she says the process helped her learn hard-won lessons. This taught her not only how to better invest her time, but also where to invest her marketing dollars. Thanks to the experience of growing her own business, she understands what’s involved in the process first hand, and can pass that experience to others.

Rachael Bodie

Today, she’s become the very resource she needed while building her brand. She’s happy to share this expertise with others, so they can grow with less struggling, and learn how to scale their business with less difficulty or stress.

A lot of people get started, and they are lost on how to achieve the next step. They’re excited and passionate about their business, but then get stuck. They’re not sure how to scale the growth and end up frustrated.

As a business coach, she’s able to help them see what’s possible, to show them where there’s potential, and help them strategize steps so they can reach their goals. Breaking through to the next level is such a rewarding aspect of the journey. Rachael looks forward to expanding her reach further to help serve more women. 

She says, “It’s exciting to know that things I do now will have a lasting impact on the growth of women’s businesses. By taking action, you can make your dreams come true. I’m here to help. Learn more at Rachael Bodie, and finally get serious about scaling your business.”