If you could give someone advice feels the need to seek therapy, but is worried about taking the first step, what would you say?

Back in 2014, I started attending counseling on a weekly basis. I had experienced a number of meltdowns at work and feared losing my job if I did not seek treatment for my situation. A friend of mine from my church recommended a counselor that offered pro bono therapy for three hours a week. For nine months, I met with the church counselor, named Rod, every Wednesday. I believed those sessions save me from getting fired. Rod also encouraged me to complete my bachelor’s degree. I enrolled at the University of Oklahoma later that year and graduated last summer with a 3.7 GPA. I know that none of that would have been possible if not for Rod’s input and encouragement. For anyone considering therapy, I would urge them to go in with a realistic mindset. Do not look for someone to “fix” you. You do the work. The therapist is there to guide you, but you are the source of your own success. Rod gave me insight to my situation, but he did not enroll me in school or make me a better employee. He was a positive influence who I made the choice to listen to. Many people who go into counseling do not always trust the people who counsel them. They sometimes crash the plane before it lifts off the runway. If this is your attitude, you are not ready for therapy because you will gain nothing from it. Go in knowing that you have the ability to change but lack the right sort of “nudge” in your life. Counseling is not the end of a problem. It is the beginning of a solution.