The Problem with Our Digital Age

There is so much information available these days to anyone who has access to a computer or mobile device. In just a few clicks, screens light up with facts and figures about pretty much anything. But what’s real, and what’s not? Even the most credible of sources have been called into question in today’s climate, where the prioritization of clicks and impressions drive website administrators to make big claims and audacious promises, even if they’re not totally tried and true. Further, we’re a world that relies on expert knowledge. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we’ve lost something when it comes to relying on knowledge carried down through generations, the advice and guidance provided by friends, neighbours and even our own intuition.

Access to Health and Wellness Information has never been better…or more confusing

Most people are familiar with the hysteria brought on by improper self-diagnosis courtesy of some online survey tool. Far more are familiar with the frustration of Googling “Anxiety”, “Panic attacks” or “Help With Meditation” only to be served spammy ads and conflicting information. Although it is great to live in an age where there’s an opportunity for most of us to live healthier, more well-rounded lives, like for every other domain, there’s a load of junk out there and it is really difficult to sort through it. In many cases, people turn off simply because there’s too much information to make it truly accessible and actionable. The preponderance of information in the health and wellness industry isn’t relegated to the digital space, either. Pamphlets, commercials, the teachings of gurus and licensed professionals…the possibilities, when it comes to getting advice and information, are endless. Sorting through the noise to find what’s right isn’t easy. And we all know that’s the first step to making real change: having a plan based on a knowledge set. That’s why we all need a community backing us up to get to the best bits of all that’s out there… Seequers is that community.

Building a smarter community and a collaborative ecosystem

Seequers is about sharing your passion with people who are equally passionate about your interests. We are an evolving, digital health platform that is focused on harnessing the power of collaboration to help members live their healthiest lives.

At our core, is the wellbeing of humanity and the planet we live on. Every day likeminded individuals join the community, from across the globe, to share their knowledge, expertise and passion.

Rather than allow you to simply self-diagnose by reading about symptoms, or post to a message board asking for treatment option advice, or read through a closed community forum about the best stress relief options, Seequers integrates the features of several digital health and wellness services. Through vetted health and wellness forums, members can start, join or follow conversations about all areas of health and wellness, from disease prevention to philosophies on happiness and meditation, and everything in between. All members can contribute resources, tips, advice and information. These are then vetted for quality.

Instead of leaving you to sit and ponder on everything that’s available on the platform, though, Seequers’ integrated platform runs on contextual search, so users are shown information that is relevant to them.

Through Seequers, users have meaningful, deep conversations that go beyond a hashtag or 140 character message

Therefore no one is inundated with surface level information, but deep knowledge that is contextually driven. Think Google meets Facebook AND your yoga studio, gym, nutritionist, favourite wellness gurus, doctor, the best books and your friends. You can explore topics that interest you, and learn about new topics relevant to your current interests. For example, one of our users came to Seequers to learn more about Reiki as a modality for pain management and improved mental health. The user was then invited to join conversations surrounding meditation, a similar modality, and has been learning about the benefits of meditation.

Seequers is a digital component to a global revolution that is changing the way that people conceptualise and manage their health…

No longer do you need to be restricted to one source or tool. Seequers gives members the opportunity to be part of a multi-disciplinary community where through conversation and connection information about health and wellness can be created, shared and spread. Whether you’re looking to start a conversation, facilitate a group chat or just do a little research, Seequers is accessible, easy to use and, most importantly, available 24/7. No matter what your interest or stage in your health and wellness journey, Seequers is a global platform that anyone can use and will benefit from, and we are only just getting started.

Seequers is aiming to bring people, information, and personal experiences together across a global health, wellness and self care community.

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