Lets talk about self-belief…

This is a big one, wouldn’t you agree?

What would you do if you had limitless self-belief? 

This is something I often ask my clients. I love asking this, because in that moment I see a twinkle in their eyes, as they lift their chins and access the creative part of their brain.

So, if you had limitless self-belief what would YOU DO?  

With self-belief you can literally achieve anything that you want to, eventually. With hard work you can be, do and have what you want. The sad thing is that most people live in a state of self doubt for most of their lives.

Self-belief is precious, without it you could end up giving up when things get tough or you get knocked down. Self-belief is imperative for fulfilment, progress and success in a challenging, competitive world.

You were born with self-belief and confidence, these two are deeply linked.

Do we say to our children ‘well, you’ve tried walking and fallen at least 100 times now, time to give up, try something else, you may simply be a bum shuffler for the rest of your life’ NO WE DON’T!

So, why as young adults do we believe that if we don’t succeed the first or second time then we aren’t good enough to reach the dream or goal that we are striving for? Set backs and challenges in life can suck self-belief right out of us and if we don’t check ourselves we can become self doubting and this can lead to worse; self loathing.

Confidence pushes us forward to achieve and from achievement we gain more self-belief. This in turn gives us the confidence to push forward again.

Let’s talk about success in business. You may have been working for years to achieve what you want with little evidence to let you know that you are getting to where you want to be. Then BAM – you become an overnight success. Now, if you didn’t have self-belief to keep pushing forward even though you had many set backs and barriers to overcome, you would have never got the success that you deserved.

So, the trick is to make sure you are constantly working on your self-belief system. I ask my clients to challenge themselves about healing from anxiety, depression and lack of self-worth. With a little shifting of perception and some powerful coaching tools and techniques I help my clients to transform false beliefs about themselves and start to believe that they have more potential than they ever thought possible. This changes lives.  

With self-belief there is no reason that you cannot achieve a fulfilling career, financial freedom, beautiful relationships and a peaceful heart.

I love what I do.

Love & light,