Self-Care Matters

I’ve discovered over the past two weeks that I am bordering on becoming an insomniac.

Sleep hasn’t come easy for me, as each day I am absorbing news events, and learning of individual incidents that have effected loved ones, all sickening my stomach, attempting to wreak havoc on my mind.

Outrage, activism, even occasional bouts of helplessness can and will suck the life out of us if we aren’t careful.

While you are on your grind, which for most of us is multi-dimensional, please make sure that taking care of you is at the top of the heap.

While my suggestion list for clients is much lengthier, I’ve opted to share five (5) that I am prioritizing at the moment:

▪️Stay informed, but be mindful of the overconsumption of news, especially before bedtime.

▪️Incorporate some form of exercise into your daily routine. Get out and get some air, even if it’s only to the corner of your block and back.

▪️Hydrate. Spirits may dull the pain, but water is essential to everything. And yes, healthy food selections matter.

▪️Subtract from your life those individuals who are causing more division in, and who are not adding positivity to your life. On and offline. The unfriend, delete, and block buttons work just fine.

▪️Create a sanctuary in your sleep space to increase the possibility of quality sleep. Last night I tried Calm, tonight I may explore Headspace, or YouTube for sleep stories and meditation.

▪️Read affirmations and journal. Listen to uplifting podcasts. I engage in the former in the morning and indulge in the latter in the evening. My oldest son periodically shares bible verses with me and my youngest has a podcast that I love tuning in for.

Self-care is not selfish, it is necessary. In order for me to be in action, to enlighten others, and to stay informed, I must be attentive to the temple that I’ve been blessed with.

I must be a priority.
First and foremost.
Unapologetically. My black life and my self-care matter.

What self-care activities are you engaging in, now more than ever?

Are you a busy mom who needs help in this area of your life?

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  • Jacqueline Miller

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