Martin Polanco

Pandemic has been harsh on everyone, causing spikes in stress and emotional levels. Due to the spread of the infection, most people had to become caregivers also. No matter how you are dealing with this situation right now, one thing is clear that you need to prioritize yourself. You cannot take care of others if you don’t feel well from inside. So it’s high time you do some self-care. You can think it is selfish. While it may sound so, the truth is you can perform your responsibilities and duties only when you have the energy. When you are fresh, you can infuse positivity in the surroundings.

Some everyday self-care activities include deep breathing, cleaning the face, treating yourself to something special, getting a massage, traveling, etc. Do this for some time, and you will notice changes in your mood and health. Negative energies and stresses will also reduce. Here are some more insights on this.

Martin Polanco: Caring for yourself first

Adapt to the new times

Due to the virus outbreak, many things have changed in everyone’s life. The line between personal and professional life has got blurred. The fear of catching a disease is always chasing. In such a scenario, you have to seek mental and physical peace. Some things that can help this goal include abstinence from alcoholism and smoking, socializing with friends, families, and near ones while maintaining distance, eating healthy food, exercising daily, etc.

 Since most of the workforce is working from home, it can be the right time for you to work on a hobby that pleases you. In essence, you should think about yourself. Don’t stress over pending things if you feel tired. Get some rest, relax, and attend it when you are at ease. You don’t have to overwork to make everything perfect as you did before this pandemic. Instead, practice meditation to allow your mind to be calm. If you want to speak to someone, connect with him or her. Just make sure you have a daily routine for everything that you and others do. After all, maintaining a certain level of discipline is also necessary for your physical and mental health.

Give your life the importance it deserves

As Martin Polanco puts it, you need to visualize your life. So do some deep breathing with eyes closed and repeat the process. You can do it anywhere, at the home, office, kitchen table, and so on. Just let yourself know that pandemics will disappear, and everyone is going through the same phase. Hence, you are not alone in this fight. You can pray if you belong to any particular faith or religion.

Look around yourself and be thankful for every good thing or moment in your life. In the end, you don’t need to feel embarrassed or guilty if you had fun. It can be the best way to bust your stress. Whether you enjoy playing games with family or hanging out with friends on Zoom call, it is your choice.

Remember one of the simple life rules – when you are happy, you can make others happy. So take care of yourself.