Meditation, pampering, and exercise are all forms of self-care we hear of often today. All that is indeed great for our body and soul, but there is one thing we don’t pay close attention to is who we surround ourselves with. Most of us don’t believe people around us can impact in significant ways, but they can. Life’s too short to spend it with sh”tty friends, so limit your social circles and surround yourself with the best support system.

When it comes to friends, choose quality over quantity. Make a list of those who deplete you and cut ties with them. Yes, it sounds harsh, but wasting time on people who don’t add value to your life is a waste.

The world supplies us with energy to achieve our goals. But we tend to waste it on other things. Eventually, we have no energy left for goals and happiness. Where does this energy go? A big part of our energy we exchange with other people and often support their dreams and desires. Generally, people always exchange energy and it’s a normal phenomenon. But it is important to avoid an overdo.

Resentment is the first thing that feeds on our energy. When we are angry, offended, when we cannot forgive – we open the energy channel in our inner selves. And this channel is like a vacuum that begins to suck in our energy. The more we get angry, the more energy we give away. But the paradox is; we are offended, we can not forgive, but the other person becomes more successful. After all, we fed him/her with the energy. Every time you think about the person who offended you, he or she receives more of our vibrations. And often they can help. You must have come across a situation when you just completed meditation of forgiveness, you forgive and forget, and suddenly you get a phone call from the person who was wrong. Why? Because they feel the loss of energy and support and they are now trying to get it back. That is why it is very important to learn to forgive and forget.

Every time sadness, grievances rolls over you, instead of scolding the wrongdoer, silently thank them. It will be difficult at first, but with the time you will see the effect. There is always something to thank wrongdoers for, no matter what they did. They are our teachers, they are the lesson that we had to face in life. We are the ones who pulled them into our lives. One other argument is that gratitude strengthens our energy and gives additional support!

So, ta ta to drama queens in your life, goodbyes to the one who gets off on other’s failures, and dazvidaniya to toxic, vampiristic “friend”. Negativity is contagious and only brings pain into your life. So surround yourself with reliable friends who genuinely have your best interests at heart, cheer for your accomplishments like they’re their own, and challenge you to be the best version of yourself.