What do we want? Easy, better, healthier, fitter lives! When do we want it? ASAP at the press of an app button! In light of #selfcareseptember, we’re taking a look at the startups that help us live our best lives – from eating healthier to taking purposeful vacations that have us well rested and rejuvenated.


Forget that expensive SoulCycle membership! Sworkit is here enable you to work out anytime, anywhere with their On-demand Personalized Video Exercise delivered to any Screen. With
Sworkit (derived from Simply WORK IT), not working out won’t be an excuse anymore because the program allows you to choose exercise routines, from as short as 5 minutes to more rigorous, hour long workouts. Skip the challenging ones if you’re not in the mood and work on specific areas you choose to – we like!

Good Escapes

It’s no secret that us millennials will go into debt to travel because experiences >>> collecting stuff. And what’s better than a vacation that actually leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated? Hello Good Escapes! This travel startup curates the best wellness travel experiences worldwide – think yoga retreats in Bali, detoxing in Thailand, meditation getaways in India, romantic escapes in the Maldives and the likes. So if you’re to up the ante on your yoga practice or take your meditation to the next level, Good Escapes has got you covered!


We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out but that doesn’t mean any slap and dash diner will do. We want to eat out and we want to eat healthy while doing so! Enter HealthyOut is a mobile app that helps you eat healthy when you’re eating out. With a database of over 500 cities, this app helps you find places in your area that serve food compatible with your diet, nutrition plan or training routine. It’s able to filter the available offer by dietary restrictions, popular diets, cuisines, dish types, and more.


Those of us who want to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet on a daily basis will be glad to make Habit a part of our meal plans. The personalized food startup uses your biometric data to recommend a dietary plan just for you. Take the guesswork out of deciding what you should or shouldn’t eat – Habit will do that for you with their customized meal kits delivered to your doorstep. What’s more, the service also includes a Health Coach to help you transition from #junkfood to #cleaneatinggoals.


It’s not enough to eat healthy these days, we want to have our vitamins and we want them personalized to our DNA and our lifestyles. That’s where Persona comes in. The personalized nutrition program, helps you take the guesswork out of your dietary supplement aisle, offering an online assessment which factors individual needs, lifestyle and prescription medications tailored to you, because obviously athletes and pregnant women are not going to be taking the same type of supplements!

Eight Sleep

Eating, exercising and traveling well isn’t possible if you’re not getting enough rest to power through the day. And everyone knows when it comes to sleep, quality trumps quantity anytime. This is what Eight Sleep, the first sleep fitness company aims to do with high tech bed engineered to improve your sleep. Name by Fast Company as one of the Moat Innovative Companies in Consumer Electronics, Eight leverages innovation, technology and personal biometrics to restore individuals to their peak energy levels each morning. In addition to tracking sleep activity, the Eight Sleep Pod uses an Active Grid comfort layer to offer adjustable temperature settings.