As the Spa and Wellness Director at Cliff House Maine, I’ve seen so many stressed out visitors come through our doors. They come seeking respite from overwork and nonstop lives. What I’ve learned in this job is how much we can all benefit from spending time in nature, and taking time out for self-care.

Stress is so connected to our environment. Personally, when I look at the ocean, I feel a difference in myself: I feel a sense of relief. I always tell people how impactful it is to look at the 90-foot cliffs of Cliff House, to watch the rolling waves, and listen to the wind — they all remind us of the power of nature, and that’s healing. Because of that, I try to create an environment in my job that celebrates the elements of nature, that’s calming, and that feels like a seaside sanctuary. If you truly want to take time away from your life to relax, visit a place where you have a front row view of the convergence of nature, and where you can get up close and personal with it. That will surround you with a sense of awe and quiet, which is deeply relaxing.

If you’re feeling stressed at work or at home, scheduling a weekend getaway at a spa (like ours at Cliff House) can help you feel relaxed again. But even without traveling, you can recreate some of the same sensations for yourself at home, using our spa’s seasonal recipes for well-being — incorporating exercise, natural products, healthy and nutritious foods, and a sense of balance. All of these have profound benefits for your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. You can find some of our treatment recommendations below:

How to de-stress with an at-home relaxation and spa day

-Prepare for your day of self-care with laughter, which strengthens your heart. Take the time for a bit of outdoor exercise. Then pause for a few minutes of meditation. That helps clear up your emotions, and gets you ready to take care of yourself.

-Try this Qigong exercise: Stand with your feet firmly grounded, legs slightly bent. Allow your thoughts to quiet like ripples on a pond, extending outward and diminishing in size until there is stillness. Mindfully notice your breath. Feel it coming up naturally from your lower portion of your belly. Let it rise through your upper body and as it fills that area, and allow your arms to naturally rise from your sides, palms facing down, eventually making a T. Pause there, feeling your breath. Once you’re ready to move on, stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Bring your hands behind you with palms facing back and thumbs locked. Fan out your finger tips. Gently stretch your arms over yourself as far as they comfortably go, keeping your elbows straight. Inhale slowly and deeply. This stretches out your lungs, and energizes them.

-Now, set up an at-home spa bath, with a Stress Relief Tincture and Himalayan Bath Salts. Take the time to sit with your thoughts, letting go of your week’s stresses, and enjoy the time to yourself.


  • Dawn Page

    Spa and Wellness Director

    Cliff House

    Dawn Page is the Spa and Wellness Director at Cliff House Maine.