Hi! Welcome to the newest addition to my blog! Here, I will keep track of my self care Sunday routines and I encourage you all to do it along with me. Shoutout to Cadence for doing it along with me even though she is against blogging! Here we go:


Today was a great day! First, my friend did a photoshoot of my family at the beach for our holiday card with the dogs, too. We got lots of great shots. Then, we dropped off the dogs and went to the diner for breakfast and I got a nice omelette. After that, I went into the city to see Meteor Shower with Amy Schumer and I even met Keegan Michael Key who was in the show, too (of Key & Peele!) It was so funny but not as funny as The Play that Goes Wrong! Then I went to The Counter and got some loaded tater tots and a birthday cake milkshake with a shot of rum, at the bartender’s suggestion. After that, I went shopping and got the softest jacket. It was a great Sunday with lots of self care.


Today started off on the right foot. I started by going to breakfast at the Sherwood Diner with an old friend, Jane, who lights up my life. Then I went to coffee with another old friend, Isabel, who was actually my co-president of TAG in high school. It was so nice to catch up with both of them. Next I went shopping just a bit and then watched some Friends (I’m rewatching the whole series for the 5th time probably, maybe more). After that, I picked up my boyfriend from work and we got ice cream then watched TV at his friend Danny’s house. After I dropped him at work, I went shopping again for a little and now I’m home writing and watching more Friends! I may go see a movie by myself later, too I love doing that!!


Today was a good day! I went shopping with my mama and we got out makeup done just for fun then I went to see my friend perform two amazing roles in Romeo & Juliet at the local Westport Playhouse and then we went backstage! I met this guy who is going to be on Broadway in Harry Potter & The Cursed Child and he said we could go backstage if we go see it! Then I went and treated myself to Shake Shack and ice cream with my best friend from high school, Julia and my boyfriend, Roch, and his friend, Kyle D. (there are so many Kyles). After that I went home and hung out and washed my face and brushed my teeth and slept! (Not early but I’m working on it)


I didn’t do the best job today. I went shopping and bought the new T Swift CD I’ve been wanting for a while. I treated myself to some ice cream and a little bit of candy (my boyfriend ate most of the candy when I left it at his house). I also did a face mask.


Today, I treated myself to a movie with my friend Margot and we split a large popcorn and I got a Coke Icee but resisted the temptation to have some of Margot’s m&ms. I also quit my job at Pearl which was so sad because I loved my time there, especially the people, and I definitely grew into a better person since my time there. However, it was becoming a waste of time and money for both me and the restaurant because there wasn’t enough for me to do and I was only getting one shift every few weeks. I just have been feeling way more appreciated at my job at bartaco so I will either try to find another side job a few days a week or get more time at bartaco and hopefully become a server there eventually! That’s the goal!! I also plan on watching this new show, Mindhunters, with my mom and doing a face mask and teeth whitening strips. And I took a nice shower and cleaned behind my ears and shaved my legs! What did you do today? Oh, I also took a social media cleanse this past week and I’ve been loving it. I think I will continue with it until I go back to USC in January!


Spent some time with family then listened to music from This Is Us on the car ride home. I got into an argument with a friend but decided to be the bigger person by not responding. He needed time to cool down. Since then, I’ve been cleaning my room and preparing for the week again. Later tonight, I will take a bubble bath and watch Stranger Things. Then, I will do a face mask and whitening strips. I will also catch up with my good friend and see how her self care Sunday and the rest of her weekend went!


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