“It is a reality. People are being victimized or are being targeted to be victims each and every day.” – Lawrence Jordan.

There are constant stories of people being assaulted in the media. This makes it necessary for every human, regardless of age, sex, occupation, or physical abilities, needs to know how to avoid dangerous circumstances and how to protect themselves should the need arise.

Below, therefore, are four (4) self-defense tips to help protect yourself from danger.

Below are some self-defense tips to keep in mind.

#1. Be conscious of your surroundings

The very first step to protecting yourself from danger is to constantly stay alert in public.

Attackers are often out for people whose guards are down, using the element of surprise to their advantage.

Being constantly alert helps you come across as intelligent, quick-witted, and better able to respond to surprises. You’ll easily spot the dangers ahead and come up with quick and effective solutions to save yourself and your loved ones.

#2. Get your personal protection tool

It is not enough to simply be confident. Therefore, you must possess your own personal protection tool.

With a personal protection tool like the iMaxAlarm, you can do these four things:

  • Identify fake threats from the real ones

  • Scare the criminals away

  • Attract the attention of passers-by/ law enforcement officers around you

  • Safeguard your life and property

Hopefully, you won’t ever have to use it, but always carry it along everywhere you go.

The iMaxAlarm, a portable personal security alarm can help deter a potential attack and draw the attention of people around you to your emergency. It has a 130db siren that is equivalent to a 200 person marching band.

When you carry a protection tool make sure you know fully well how and when to use it — so you don’t become a victim of yourself.

#3. Be confident

When confronting a potential attacker, being confident and equipping yourself is important. Most predators prey on their victims fear of standing up for themselves.

Looking flustered or nervous could make the attacker see you as weak, causing him/her to try harming you even more.

Especially in cases of physical confrontations, don’t look like the prey. “It is true that most muggers brandish a weapon as a form of intimidation only, and they have no real intention of using it,” says safety expert Tom Patire.

#4. Identify potential dangers

Being able to spot danger signs is important to your safety.

This means following your instincts every time. Often, we can read other people’s intentions just by the way they look at you, or what they say to you.

Potential danger signs may include people trying to distract you by creating an unnecessary ruckus or dramatic situations: these are often pretexts used to rob people in public places.


Taking steps to avert criminal activities can help reduce the chances of danger in our society. However, we cannot be assured of a completely safe environment. For this reason, it is recommended that you have several strategies on how to defend yourself and your property. 


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