Self-doubt is a pandemic.

The pathogen of this disease is the more than three thousand assaults of marketing and advertising picking at our philosophical pain points daily, resulting in an epidemic of self-doubt about not having enough or being enough.

The challenge isn’t curing the marketing and advertising platforms. No, the cure is in each of us taking back the truth. The truth is inside each of us, as we learn to quiet the ego motivated by these manufactured marketing signals which create fear of exclusion in a world where we are sold the idea that inclusion will ignite our intuition.

Intuition is your inner GPS. It drives us all closer to the truth of what we actually want and how we truly want to feel. Intuition builds the inner faith that we are whole and trustworthy within our own thoughts and choices.

When intuition is your primary guide, when you’ve built up that muscle and ability, then you can actively feel and differentiate between your ego’s fear and your trust in your personal truth.

For many of us, the cure might be to tune into self-development gurus or spiritual leaders for help. But at a time when you are emotionally bleeding and in pain, these people use the same techniques as your common advertising thieves to profit off of your true fear in less subtle ways. They use your fear, your sense of self-doubt to move their book, workshop, and other products, knowing that if you’re hurting, you’re more like to search for their brand of the cure.

Within the self-development community, you have your choice of various flavors of healing. From therapy to psychics, workshops to sweat lodges, all of these self-development gurus offer you the same completion and unity you know you’ve been missing, all while describing the ache and emptiness you feel daily.

The truth is, you might actually need a guide to lead you out of the swirling vortex of three thousand marketing attacks hitting your pain points through your computer, television, and radio every day. But choose that guide wisely. Find someone who doesn’t have a following of zombies addicted to their work, but rather someone who eventually cuts people loose, sets them free to spread their wings with the right tools and direction for their next stages.

The cure to this pandemic of self-doubt is as simple at times as simply turning off the noise of social media and television and radio. But as this plague has infected all of us, the ultimate way to heal is to go deep within and begin to ask yourself daily, “What do I Want?” and in Doubt, “What is actually True?”

Engaging in your True self, your Intuition, will upend and lift you out of the pandemic and into your Truth.

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