As one transitions in life and health, we see the inevitability of purpose centring to the core values of the self and what that means for the individual. Balancing all aspects of health and wellness goes far beyond the role of mastery that is so essential to the sustenance of self-esteem. Transitioning in health and wellness is an expression of self and should be individualized with a confident approach. But this sense of self-acceptance and resilience, how can it be achieved? 

The progression of one’s own life as an individual is a unique experience. This perception is key in the validation of ourselves in life as we progress through the health-illness continuum. Things are not always linear. A step back or a supporting direction may be the best path for an individual. Reflecting to review the experience, or to identify goals and outcomes, is always beneficial.

Can developing a balanced sense of your own self-esteem give you resilience in life? Our data in our self-esteem research and development suggests that a more positive levelling self esteem supports resilience in life and allows individuals to make the best possible transitions when it is present and developed. Self perception can be supported by a reflective capacity that may support the validation of self with a recent stress or an illness. Taking the time to nurture what an individual feels they want or need, supports the quality of the daily experiences for that person on so many levels. It is essential to develop a great connection with your personal reflections or just mindful moments. This balances the energy: allowing an individual to build the levels of depth in personal acceptance and life transitions that are essential to an overall balance in life. Identifying key aspects is essential, like physical activity and comfort. These are always essential to the quality of life all individuals experience. 

Developing a plan that supports the transition or illness to sustain the physical activity of an individual or the comfort is paramount to daily wellness and general quality of life. Comfort is developed with knowing oneself and supports self reflection empirically as one develops levels of patience and self acceptance. Quality of life can be sustained as much as possible during illness or extreme transitions in life, whether it is temporary or a new chronic illness that one must adapt to. Write it out and utilize the Embrace Health Self-Esteem Reflective Tool to review areas and realities that you may want to focus on. In the most grand way the evolution of perspective will redefine itself and new ways of adapting and coping will be uniquely developed through time with the more reflections an individual performs. Quality of life can be sustained and improve adaptation with positive self-esteem awareness and development that allows an individual to prioritize and redefine what is essential to them in their everyday life. Accepting support from others and extending support to others is always key areas in personal health and wellness and supports the positive outcomes of thriving in life.

A positive self-esteem is a fulfilling support to the longevity of the relationships you build around you and the reciprocation of this on all spheres of an individuals’ life. Transitions in life and and the development of a positive self-esteem through the health-illness continuum is an essential focus of the research and development at Embrace Health. Advancing focuses to enhance the quality of life for all individuals through positive self-esteem development has provided key analytics and delivery to our data and resources. The restorative journey in life is full of personal adaptations and the primary focus of Embrace Health Innovations is the development of Embrace Health Care Pathways which apply big data and analytics to support and measure methods to address these challenges in life. Advancing personal and societal health with innovative solutions for quality of life is the human capacity beyond our innovation! Do not get lost in the rut of a routine, or the arduous tasks that haunt you. Life can bring changes. Advancing and adapting can bring on higher levels of wellness and perspectives that can be cultivated with the true understanding of the element of higher self and ones purpose and meaning in this lifetime: 

Think beyond the now and live a life that is measured by wellness and good practice. Accept what is different and adapt to higher reasoning.

Life can bring changes. Advancing and adapting can bring on higher levels of wellness and perspectives that can be cultivated with the true understanding of the element of higher self and ones purpose and meaning in this lifetime.

Arlene Lusterio

Embrace Health Foundation