Self-esteem is our inner thoughts, beliefs and feelings that all were formed by the external world. Our self-esteem is very strongly connected to our environment. I always say, yesterday’s comment by someone becomes our inner voice today. It creates our beliefs and one day it becomes our reality.

Although self-esteem is often formed during early childhood, there are many ways to increase confidence and how we feel about ourselves without needing long therapy or constant battle with thoughts “something is wrong with me”.

Raising self-esteem can be learned and mastered with some practice and working on beliefs that everyone, including oneself, deserves the best.

Why it is worth working on your self-esteem?

If there are areas in life or career you find challenging or you doubt yourself for a while, raising your self-esteem is a good place to start. I know from my personal experience and working with others, healthy self-esteem helps to become unstoppable in achieving goals and experience the feeling of worthiness.

After experimenting and studying how we can change our lives for better, I came up with a very simple formula, called “The trilogy of life”

 Thoughts- Feelings- BehaviourThe Trilogy of Life

Everything we do, we go through the process of thinking, feeling, and behaving. This creates a pattern. The more we think, feel and behave the same way, the longer we receive the same results, and one day it becomes a habit and our reality of life.

In other words, we constantly live in the so-called “Comfort Zone”, even we are not happy there, our brain keeps us where the environment is familiar.

If you want to change something, you need to consciously start changing at least one of those three components.

Once you start to behave differently than usual, you start to feel differently, because it releases different hormones into your body, so-called hormones of happiness and sense of achievement. You will start to think so much better about yourself.

This is a powerful tool to control emotional state, your confidence levels and your self-esteem. You become the author of your own life and great results won’t keep you waiting.

When the thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned, it gives more confidence and boost self-confidence. And you have the power to control the process. You will be surprised how someone’s negative comment yesterday, suddenly becomes irrelevant in your life today.