Self-Hypnosis Coronavirus resilience

With a renewed sense of control on the disease, many are wondering how to prepare for future waves and how to bounce back from this crisis. It is time to look up. Self-hypnosis is the tool you need to thrive during and after the coronavirus. 

The last few months brought unforeseen change to all generations and all aspects of our lives. The sheer global scale of the crisis means that the impact is felt by everyone. It is not news that many working professionals encounter some form of depression and anxiety and suffer from ailments such as stress and insomnia. Covid-19 has brought with it more uncertainty and a heightened sense of lack of control which is forcing us to upgrade our mind frame.  

There are reasons to brace for an increase in anxiety and depression levels. A 2007 study showed persistent high levels of stress among survivors a year after the smaller scale SARS outbreak in 2003. The psychological effects of quarantine and lockdown are starting to be felt. What is worse, the forthcoming economic changes might mean the loss of jobs, which will breed more anxiety as we prepare ourselves to return to a new world post Covid-19. 

My name is Christine Deschemin. I am a former engineer, banker, Harvard MBA who discovered hypnosis and became fascinated by its speedy efficiency. As a certified hypnotherapist and coach, I have helped athletes, CEOs, C-suite executives and entrepreneurs overcome behavioral and emotional challenges to achieve success. In order to bring the benefits of hypnosis to everyone, I launched an on-demand self-hypnosis app that provides everyone with an affordable and efficient mental health tool that supports them in dealing with stress, anxiety and helping with self-development.    

Here are a few tips and strategies to develop grit and resilience and thrive in the new normal:  

Partner with your mind 

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing us to acknowledge that many things are outside our control. Harness your growth mindset and learn to reframe negative thoughts into empowering thoughts. You still have control over many things in your life, such as washing your hands and keeping social distance. These empowering thoughts provide tremendous benefits by lifting your mood and creating a sense of control. How will you know that you are doing great? When you will be able to see any ‘’issue’’, ‘’problem’’ as a challenge where you can thrive. It just needs a bit of practice with self-hypnosis. Our UpNow app contains free audios to help you do just that. 

Choose your food for thought wisely 

Your mindset is influenced by the news you hear and read. And there is nothing worse than digesting worrisome news as soon as you wake up because the first hour sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Try to refrain from watching the news and social media in that first hour. Similarly, you should adopt a calming routine in the last hour before you go to bed and focus on winding down. During the day, make a conscious decision to only read news at predetermined times. 

Restore the rest-and-digest system 

Everyone has heard about the body’s natural response to perceived threats, the fight-or-flight response. But only a few people know about the other side of the nervous system in charge of healing, the rest and digestive system. While stress can help in the face of short-term dangers, it can lead to disease when it becomes chronic. Relaxation is far from a luxury; it should be part of your daily self-care regimen. A 2001 study of a group of medical and dental students showed that more frequent hypnotic relaxation protected their immune system from the damages of stress. You can benefit from the same benefits with our UpNow self-hypnosis app. 

Allow grief to happen 

Because of the coronavirus, most people fear losing something – their lives, their livelihood, their loved ones, the lifestyle they are enjoying. Among the most distressing is the anticipatory grief on potential negative outcomes. Not only does it create unnecessary stress, but it also prevents you from staying in the moment. The truth is that we need to grieve the old ways to pave the way to a better future. 

When you manage grief properly, you learn to let go of what you cannot control, you become more active and resourceful and start exploring options. The magic happens when you move away from helplessness to asking yourself the right questions. And this process can be facilitated with self-hypnosis.  

Self-hypnosis, the tool you need 

Picture this. A patient is having surgery with only local anesthesia while a nurse is helping him enjoy a state of hypnotic relaxation. A successful businessperson uses hypnosis sessions to deal with anxiety. A jockey harnesses the power of his mind with the help of a hypnotherapist to retrieve a winning mindset. These scenes are happening in many parts of the world because self-hypnosis can provide you with the ability to partner with your mind, unlock your potential, adopt constructive thoughts and healthy habits and control pain.  

With a bit of self-hypnosis practice, you too can start viewing difficulties as challenges and develop a sense of control and confidence as you stay focused on your goals. We made it easy for you with the UpNow App

Christine Deschemin is a certified Hypnotherapist at the Renewed Edge Hypnotherapy Centre and founder of the UpNow app.  

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