As women we are so hard on ourselves, then on top of that we add all the outside world stress and expectations to it. Pile all that onto someone surviving infertility and it can damn near kill a person. 

Love yourself for all that you have lived through. Love yourself for all the life you have lived and learned from thus far. Love yourself for the pain you feel and you are still able to move through each day. 

This too shall pass. When it does, it will definitely have turned out one of two ways. It will either be what you hoped it would be or it will be what you feared it would be. Either way, you are going to have to learn to live the life that you lead. Either way, the life that you have is the life that you are supposed to have. I didn’t end up with the life I expected, but my life is pretty wonderful. It is not without its struggles at times, but for the most part, my life is amazing.

If it turns out the way you hoped, remind yourself on those days when everything feels like it is going to fall apart, how much you longed for that very day. 

If it turns out the way you feared, remind yourself that the life you have is different, but also wonderful. There are things you can do that others can’t, remind yourself that you survived something heartbreaking, yet you are able to find happiness and that, my darling, is strength. 

Either way, you will be okay. You will survive and look back on those days when you were so uncertain about how your life was going to turn out, and wonder how you ever made it thus far. You will be able to find peace in knowing there is a plan for you. You have to be open to finding it, but it is there for you.

Written by: Dayna Mohan