A good place to start to make changes is choosing to take self-responsibility for the life you are creating. Start to take full self-responsibility for all your actions, thoughts and behaviors and realise it is you who can change them. It is you who creates your reality. The world is a reflection of you. So if you are not happy with how something is playing out, change your beliefs about it, which will enable you to change your reaction to it, which will help change the outcome of the situation. YOU DECIDE.

How you respond to things is your response-ability. What you decide is up to you.

For example do you ask other people what pants to wear to work or what toothpaste you should buy? That’s a bit weird right. So why do we ask other people what is the right choice of medicine for you or what food you should put in your mouth?

Start listening to your body’s innate intelligence, and listening to your own guidance; put you first; YOU know what you need. Employ an element of self-discipline with a commitment to create change.

To do this, you will need to engage your inner strength to learn to stand your own ground and to follow through with your own decisions. We often ask other people what we should do, so they can tell us what to do; which absolves us of making a decision, which takes away our responsibility, and then if it doesn’t work out a part of us thinks we can blame the other person.

Or we might make a decision but we leave a back door open; we leave ourselves a way out; so if it doesn’t work we can just retreat without getting egg on our face. However the only one you have let down is yourself and you have missed an opportunity to create growth and change and move forward.

To turn this around, start owning your own mind and your own life. Start doing things off your own back, for yourself, by yourself. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Say no when you don’t want to do something. Say yes when you mean it. Do things for you, not just to please others.

When you start taking self-responsibility, you come to know who you are and you begin to realise your self worth.

You begin following your own intuition and your own heart because you know what’s best for you.

When you gain that ability to look at what’s best for you and know what you want, you automatically start to put yourself first and you start making positive choices for yourself.

When you listen to yourself and always follow through on what’s best for you, you begin to trust yourself and you will want to look after yourself and honour your body and your soul.

You will know that you come first, you are worth everything, and your precious soul, and the vessel that carries it, will be there with you every moment of this life. So love yourself and look out for #1.