stress and coronavirus

I’ll admit it. Self-quarantine is harsh. We are not used to this. However, it’s not that we used to go out more before all this coronacrisis. But we knew we were able to. And that makes all the difference.

Before I get misunderstood, I will explain my thought process a bit more. Surely, being deprived of fresh air and human contact is a serious matter. And my sympathy goes to countries like Italy and Spain, that are in complete lockdown and suffering. However, is staying at home for a couple of months really such a terrible thing?

Is self-quarantine really that bad?

In many countries, like Germany for instance, citizens are allowed to go outside, albeit respecting the standard distance and health measures indicated by their governments. Thus, in many parts of the world citizens are able to get fresh air or go visit a friend, as long as they are careful not to be too close to each other.

On one hand, it is admirable how these governments can regulate the spread of the virus by taking such lean measures. On the other hand, though, there are still people who find it hard to get accustomed to the new normality. And I have come to wonder myself, why is that?

Even before coronavirus people didn’t use to go out so often. Some used to socialize 2–3 times per week, while others once per month if they were lucky, depending on their working schedules and/or responsibilities.

In countries that have a partial lockdown, people are still able to meet each other even every day if they would wish to. Large gatherings are not allowed but if you want to go for a walk with one of your friends you are free to do it. But still, you see cases of people violating the measures with every passing minute.

Why people are so intensively against home isolation? Is it because human contact is that essential? Or is it a form of acting out because we are deprived of the freedom of choice?

Deprivation of freedom

The difficulty in being isolated at our homes is not that we cannot go outside per se. It’s more that we were used to act based on our mood at the time. Namely, whenever we felt like it, we would choose to go out and enjoy the fresh air and human contact. Other times we preferred to stay inside and invest some quality time on hobbies or personal growth.

Now due to the immense spread of the coronavirus, we are obligated to stay indoors. We have no longer the freedom to decide when we should go outside and with whom. And this precisely is what doesn’t let people come to terms with the new circumstances. They feel trapped and act out by not complying with Covid-19 regulations.

But instead of stressing out about it, why not try to make the best out of the situation? This is a great opportunity to dive deeper into yourself and invest more time exploring things that make you happy.

Find your passion

Personally, I lost my job due to Coronavirus and surely I am not the only one. These changes that the new virus has brought upon us can throw us out of balance. However, let’s look at the bright side. People have more time to spend with their families now. Children are happier because they get to see their working parents more hours during the day. CO2 emissions have highly reduced helping global warming and the preservation of animal species. In Venice, the canals have become clearer due to the complete lockdown and even attracted dolphins.

The financial consequences that the virus has brought can be indeed catastrophic to individual households. But at the same time maybe it’s an opportunity to chase after our passions. Maybe now you can do that leap of career you always wanted to or learn that new language you never had time before. I decided to take up blogging again, a hobby I had neglected due to a lack of free time. And I am sure you also have things long forgotten in the hectic lifestyle of your working normality.

So instead of feeling depressed, take advantage of this solitude. Do the things you always wanted and cherish this period. Coronavirus will pass eventually. Afterward, I believe many things will change in us but also our mindset. Don’t just self-quarantine. Be productive with your time. Start doing things that add to your true happiness. And after everything passes you won’t have spent these months in vain.