Can you believe 2022 is almost a wrap? They say time flies when you’re having fun. Has this year been fun or frustrating or both? Here are a few questions of self-reflection to evaluate this year. It may or may not have been one to brag about and that’s ok. Having introspection and looking back can also be a great way to plan days for the near future, instill hope and manifest healthy goals.


Progress has a non-linear trajectory. It also encompasses set-backs and taking a few steps to move forward. The smallest change yields growth. Cultivating new habits and being persistent are also considered growth. Working smarter versus harder, getting out of your comfort zone, learning new things are all growth elements. What growth have you experienced this year?


Has 2022 been a year of self-care? A simple self-talk is a form of self-care. It helps keep things in perspective and creates longevity for the long run . Were you able to set boundaries, make time for vacations, family and friends. Exercise, eating healthy are all important parts of self-care.


What energized you this year? How did you utilize your energy? Were you able to start something new? If this year did not allow it, perhaps you can plan for something in the coming new year. Starting new things keeps life exciting and is a great way to keep your brain from getting rusty. It’s always a good idea to be a part of something new, fresh and exciting. 


What are you most proud of this year? Such things can include: personal goals, rewarding moments, building stronger relationships and gaining career achievements. It is important to acknowledge daily growth and a good way to capture ephemeral moments is by journaling.  Perhaps, this year was not the best for accomplishments. If so, you can work towards the future and be cognizant to small goals and accomplishments for the days to come in the new year.