There’s this thing that humans do naturally, we perpetuate the machinations of the mind and intellect by default. How often do you then sit back in any given moment and observe yourself to understand your default pattern? 5, 10, 20, 30% in your day? Most of us navigate our lives with the mind at the ‘helm’ where we ‘think’ our way through problems and solutions.

What often happens is a ‘block’ or an accumulation of multiple problems that arise as we focus our energy on the problem (law of attraction in motion). How often does that happen to you?

Last week, I made a conscious decision to not start work immediately as I intuitively noticed an unusually strong unsettled feeling within me. I couldn’t describe it, it was present in my body like a mass hovering around the abdominal area. Diagnostically and energetically, because of the work I do, I understood the meaning, yet there wasn’t a clear solution presenting itself to me.

As I was at home at the time, I stopped and chose to listen intuitively to what I was being guided towards, I didn’t sit and meditate on it, I simply observed and asked myself what do I need? Oddly, I walked outside, picked up the broom and began sweeping the leaves outside in my back courtyard. No judgement, just an intuitive action carried out in the moment.

Essentially clearing the debris from my back courtyard area brought with it a visualisation to clear the debris in my mind and body. Immediately I shifted my focus and attention from the discomfort in my body and slight disorientation in my mind to the broom in my hand. I was somehow content and at ease with the situation, no pressure, simply an open recognition that the best solution presented to me in that moment by my intuitive instincts was sweeping the leaves.

How often do you ignore those subtle intuitive insights (wherever you are) and soldier on against the grain of your ‘Inner Coach’ thinking your way through your day? 10, 20, 30% of the day? I find that the only way we can be accountable for finding balance and flow in our lives is to start making these insightful experiences a priority and intuitively measuring them each day.

By asking and receiving insights without worrying about the limiting perspectives and perceptions, we get to step outside the mind into the heart and learn to listen and trust. We can then practically apply that more effectively to create daily flow that is sustainable and might actually be fun if we let go of expectations. Like learning any skill it requires practice, trust and patience.

In the mainstream business and corporate world, the under-pinning strategy is efficiency and productivity. Often creativity and joy get side-lined or are seen as separate elements that can be done later when we finish the task at hand. This creates a ‘separation’ strategy that permeates all part of lives until we are so compartmentalised and categorised we soon forget that we are whole.

This leads to the various ‘parts’ of our lives being highly structured and programmed into our day (so as to not forget about any one part). Soon we come to realise we are what I call ‘slaves to our parts’ and often have matching multiple personalities. Expending energy on multiple personalities can be taxing. Is this happening to you?

Is there a solution? We are essentially the solution. Allowing ourselves to step back and observe our parts so we can be accountable for our daily operations can open up better more sustainable and enjoyable ways to operate. It all depends on what we truly desire and how much we desire it. By being the observer and sensing into what we need from an open-hearted free-flowing perspective, we allow ourselves to recreate and play with our realities.

The mind is essentially boundless yet we create our own binds. Our creative processes regularly and unknowingly get entangled here. Taking time to observe these actions without any judgement is a necessary practice with ‘busy life’ syndrome. Flow and fun are created by choice, the challenge is the conscious practice and integration.

The essential aspect of who we are is discovered through self-regulation. That inner knowing (feminine intuition) sustains our outer doing (masculine action). This is what I term the ‘balancing act of doing and non-doing’ that comes from my Chinese Medicine background. Sages from ancient times termed this form of balanced action and inaction Wu-Wei, a natural flow in which we all find our ‘way’ as we navigate our life path.

The natural balance of who we are occurs through this interdependent pathway that we create for ourselves. Finding that inner gender equality through self-respect and self-love creates the same balance in our external reality, the energetics of who we are and how that supports our ‘way’ is the human potential we are all craving.

Although it may sound simple and/or complex, the initial challenge often lies in our own resistance to detach from the minds expectation of ‘action’ and be open to doing what intuitively arises. Often there’s a more fun solution as well! The ease with which I was able to bring back my own flow as I focused on the action of sweeping leaves, allowed me to immediately tap back into my creative work flow for that day. The inspiration I received then redirected my work focus on what felt good.

Often we believe one routine is best each day and it certainly is when we’re in ‘training’ or require discipline to build consistency. However, the wisdom beyond the ‘training’ is where we create the magic. This is a commitment to our ‘higher’ self who is always leading and coaching us back to sustainable living in more balance, flow and harmony. The magic of more inner balance and harmony reflects outwards making our lives and the lives of other more fulfilling and joyful.

If you’re keen to learn more about Transformational coaching and developing a Quantum perspective to help you ‘level up’ and create new realities, contact me on [email protected].

As a guide, teacher and healer, I help you tap into deeper innate knowing and hold space to help you navigate that flow as you bring all your parts back into a more balanced state of wholeness.


  • Gina Yallamas

    Urban Shaman and Transformational Life Coach

    ‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’ Lao Tsu Gina works as an Urban Shaman specialising in Quantum Energy Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching. This field of Energy Medicine is all about accessing heart-based frequencies to recalibrate imbalances and optimise energetic frequencies to support self-healing on all levels of body, mind and spirit. After completing a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she began navigating energy through Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. After discovering various other energetic gifts established through many spiritual courses, Reiki and Channelling, she intuitively connected with her own guides and Inner Coach to begin a whole new multi-dimensional education to reveal Quantum and Shamanic healing abilities. Her expertise as an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Life Coach provides deep foundations for personal growth and development. Combining her gifts as an Intuitive Guided Healer, Shaman and Strategic Intervention Life Coach, she helps you navigate your inner terrain by holding a safe space in which acceptance and trust can thrive and allow you to connect back to your intuitive potential. Her passion and mission is to provide healing and coaching for other wellness practitioners and professionals so they can enjoy their journey, embrace their potential and expand into their own gifts through accessing their Inner Coach.