When was the last time you thought about how honest you are? This is a BIG one as it effects absolutely everything in your life, especially when it comes to love. With all going on in the world today, with many pointing fingers at who’s right and who’s wrong, this is the moment to examine your own capacity to be fully real with yourself and others. Do you find yourself ignoring or abandoning important values or truths through brushing things under the rug or allowing a habit of little white lies so as to not offend or hurt someones feelings? Do you find yourself flat-out lying or becoming co-dependent or passive aggressive? Now more than ever is the time to love yourself and others, to get fully authentic and open – and in turn, to love yourself to your highest value! Genuine self-truth is your ability to be absolutely real with yourself by acting as an honest and accurate mirror for your actions, your thoughts, your words, your value system, and the extent to which you are truly honoring these elements in your life. It is only through this radical honesty that you may identify emotional and/or mental blocks that have prevented you from experiencing the life you have always deserved. This might feel a bit scary or even overwhelming, as many forget to be fully honest with themselves, however it is essential to identify these barriers so that you can release them and disarm them of their debilitating power, giving you the invigorating freedom to allow all of the love, joy and success that has been waiting your entire life!

Now a little homework..

Find a journal and note the areas in your life where you have not been fully honest with yourself or others. Make sure to do this with grace, understanding, compassion, and self-forgiveness, connecting with why you have chosen to abandon yourself and stay away from the truth that has remained hidden behind the lies. Know that although this self-deception may come from a place of perceived self-protection, it also comes from the least evolved part of your brain and from childhood and/or past relational wounds. It’s time to let all that go because you deserve so much more! Without full truth, there is very little room for anything real in your life, especially the fullness of love. After you finish writing down the unthruths that have been holding you back, tear out these pages from your journal and rip them into tiny pieces, placing them in an envelope which you can burn, throw in a dumpster, or mail to yourself as a symbolic reminder of what you have lovingly released from your life. As you begin to move into humble honesty, you will not believe how dramatically your entire life improves. Rinse and repeat!

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