There is nothing that you can achieve in life, if you don’t love yourself. In order to do that, you have to accept that you are not perfect and you can make mistakes. This is the first, and most important step towards self-worth.

How can you love yourself in the darkest times when you don’t seem to do anything right? There are three major pillars of self-love:

Forgive yourself.

Whenever you make a mistake, you have to remind yourself that you are human. Yes, you can take the wrong direction sometimes, but you can always become a better person. Mistakes lead you to a better understanding of who you are and your limits. From there, you can start to rebuild and aim to become your best self.

Have faith in yourself.

The values that you have been building through the years on this earth make you who you are. Every time you have a doubt about your purpose in life, these values are there, like guardian angels. They take you by the hand, back to your essence. If you have faith in them, they can tell you where to go.

Tap into your spirit.

Remember that you are a spiritual being EVERY DAY. It’s important to tap into your spirit to release the pressure and feel that you are more than just an employee, a husband, or a mother. There are different ways to tap into your spirit and you can always find five minutes to do it, in the morning, or during the lunch break. Breathe, meditate, close your eyes, and reconnect with the Universe. You are part of a collective consciousness.

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