Just a few months ago we were excited to jump “out” into summer- with the worst behind us. So we thought.

Like never before, we’ve learned that life is truly about CHOICES. Health & Well Being – Comfort /Discomfort.

No matter your views… it’s what we do NEXT that counts.

What messages are we sending to the next generation? Clean Air? Respect for one another, and so on.

Simplicities of LIFE…

Inhale / Exhale- never take breathing for granted. Reset Your Mind, Your Heart and Soul.

Grab your journal… Let’s begin.

In a posture of humility and love- start with Child’s Pose (for my Yogies), or -a kneeled prayer position works fine.

Take deep breaths- 3 to 5 seconds, repeat until your mind clears. The more stressed you are, the more time you may need. it’s ok. Baby steps.

Ask yourself…

What’s next? What do you want to accomplish? What do you feel currently in your body? How do you plan to address that issue, or concern? Listen to your BODY. This should be a regular practice.

Surround yourself with positive support. Scan your circle. Make sure- it is a healthy place to land…

A SAFE space emotionally.


Sip- your favorite organic tea, or water. Slowly feel the sensation as you swallow. Give thanks, and gratitude in the moment that ALL is well.

Celebrate Yourself! You did it.

Repeat as needed.

Jestacia Lanette