Who are you?

What do you have within that can you uniquely gift to your family, your company, your community or humanity today?

The unique individual that you are – the “I” – has the ability to…



INSPIRE new thought

IMPACT hearts

IDENTIFY opportunities

IMPROVE our world

INSTILL hope, and

INVEST in your boundless potential.

“I” is not a selfish term. You have to go within to determine what you can contribute to the world around you.

“I” can be a truly selfless sentiment, when used to identify what you stand for and gift that for good.

Regardless of who you are or where you are, you have the potential and opportunity to positively impact others.

Look to your unique composite of experiences and extract the value therein – the strategies and lessons that can be adapted by others to help ease their way on the journey of life.

Use what you’ve learned as a foundation for relatability to others AND as a springboard for your personal success and the growth of others.

The only limits to what you can do are those you imagine or impose upon yourself. The fullness of your potential is limitless.

You are shaping your tomorrows today.

How big, bold and beautiful a today will you create?


  • Joscelyn Duffy

    Thought Leadership Brand Strategist, Ghostwriter & CEO, The Maven Agency

    The Maven Agency, Joscelyn Duffy International Inc.

    Joscelyn Duffy is the CEO of Joscelyn Duffy International Inc., Founder of The Maven Agency (The-Maven.com), ghostwriter behind 21 books, and a sought-out communication veteran known for helping emerging and established thought leaders bring their knowledge-based businesses and world-changing visions to life. She is a contributor to Psychology Today and has been featured on international publications and podcasts, such as Entrepreneur and Thrive Global.   Dubbed the “Voice Finder” and “Message Maven,” Joscelyn has supported Fortune 500 companies, serial entrepreneurs, global teachers, coaches, authors and speakers in 6 countries. She and her team have created business strategy, innovative brands, and world-class books for everyone from NY Times best-selling authors to world-renowned leaders like Brendon Burchard and Sonia Choquette. Her work has landed clients 7-figure revenues and features on platforms such as ABC, NBC, Fox and Entrepreneur.
      You can connect with her at joscelynduffy.com