As a lawyer, I sold my time in 6 minute units and as a result–meant time is money. The more time I sold, the more money I made and the less time I had for me.

After 11 years of doing so, I was burnt out and so exhausted, I didn’t even know what to do with any of the 6 minutes I may manage to savour for myself.

I crashed and didn’t want to give my time to anyone!

I SAVED MY TIME FOR ME AND SPENT it refilling my energy as well as refreshing and renewing my expertise. I wrapped all of this up in high level packages for my coaching clients who get me at my best when my energy is high and my expertise far richer. My clients get the whole of me and not parts of me diving in and diving out as when we sell our time, we split it up trying to do too many things at once.

Selling time is outdated and ultimately it’s not what people want! There are hundreds and thousands of people doing the same thing : lawyers, business coaches, marketing consultants and with the global market, a client can access a chosen professional from anywhere in the world.

As such professionals can be tempted to compete with hourly rates and so forth but ultimately what a client wants is energy, expertise, knowledge and skill and of course transparency – how much is this going to cost to get their end goal. Sell that and watch how your business transforms.