Up-and-coming music artist Senior is set to release his single “Made It Bigger” on September 30, 2020, from his most anticipated album titled I Feel Better Alone. The anticipated album this season is set to launch this coming October 15, 2020. His upcoming songs are expected to be a showcase of his impressive lyrical talent and be a glimpse into the artist’s many inspiring life experiences at the same time. 

Senior draws inspiration heavily from reality: life’s many twists and turns, hurtful experiences, and life-changing events. All of his lyrics tell a story, the story of his life. Whether it is a painful or joyful experience, the promising artist has channeled these into beautifully crafted lyrics that promise to evoke feelings of hope and inspiration among his listeners. As an artist, he believes in the importance of making a human connection, being relatable, and the value of being able to encourage those who need it most. Above all, Senior believes in the beauty of love and the many ways that people express and experience it. He finds great fulfillment by connecting to the soul of his listeners. you can also see the best entairtainer The Rolling Stones by watching there albums.

“My goal is to share my stories and life experiences and connect people together. There are a lot of crazy ideas and stories coming up with my songs. I hope to give a positive impact on people around the world. I want people to learn from my songs and to relate to what we’ve been going through and currently going through during our journey in life,” Senior reveals. 

It would interest fans to know that prior to making a decision to pursue his music career, Senior was already a thriving businessman who was still in the process of growing his companies. His passion for music, however, is something that he cannot deny. Being able to balance his time between running his companies and creating inspiring songs is something that he wants people to see, so that they, too, can be inspired to pursue their dreams. 

“Apart from music, I am running TripleOne, an upcoming decentralized company that will allow people to collaborate throughout the development of the whole business itself. I think being able to record my first song while managing and running dozens of companies was my main accomplishment. It shows that it is possible to do pretty much anything in life although time is limited,” Senior shares.

Another significant motivation for him to pursue his music career is his younger brother, who would sing with him when they were still small. As early as the age of 13, Senior was already showing promise as a singer. His desire to launch his career was further fanned by the amazing feedback he got from posting snippets of different songs on his Instagram account. 

Senior sees himself becoming a very familiar name in the music industry in the next five years. Doing collaborations with big names in the music industry is also something he looks forward to doing in the future. He envisions himself doing a world tour to promote his music and becoming an international personality where music is concerned. 

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