Most Lightworker’s I know want to do good in the world, they want to blaze a trail connecting hearts and create conscious community with others, they want to do their part as contributors and Spiritual Warriors to create a sustainable planet and a conscious one (read: peace, harmony, green, thriving and flourishing for both young and old)

They have a sensitivity gene running through them that gives them the ability to feel everything around them.

It’s what makes us, you know…us.

We love animals sometimes more than people.

We love quiet spaces in nature for realignment.

We love it when others can see our “tuning in” ability.

But long before we learned to “tune in” we had to learn to “filter out” what was our truth.

Think back, way back, when one of your well meaning parents said to you “no, no, not like that, do it this way” and you felt your first emotional pang in the center of your gut.

You didn’t know what that was, but it wasn’t good, didn’t feel good and you decided it meant you weren’t good enough. You decided it was….personal.

Fast forward to school, the teacher makes you go up to the front of the class and work the math equation in front of everyone. By now, you are almost hyperventilating with fear, you’d rather die than get it wrong…because if you do it’s another assault on your fragile emotions.

All of our educational systems taught us to compete and compare ourselves with others, which by the way is the creative flow killer of all time among sensitives.

We never learned that it wasn’t “personal” if we got it wrong and that everything is a work in progress. Ha! Our entire lives are a work in progress.

But here’s the thing, when you hit a certain age and self reflection takes you down the road of introspection, you become aware that how you feel about yourself matters more than how others feel about you.


#Game Changer

This is huge. I mean huge. I mean monumental quantum propulsion just happened to me huge. It’s when we birth our super power of tuning in to how we feel and learning to observe others from a completely new vantage point.

Without the constant comparing

Without competition

Without judgment

And as other beings who are just figuring it out along the way too.

We figure out that life is extremely personal in experience but not in judgment. Whoooaahhh….

And we realize that our ability to feel so much can be harnessed like a superpower and when focused on a soulful kind of goal or intention, we now have a pristine running, giant personal oracle that is capable of telling us exactly what to do next.

No one taught us that How We Feel would become the most important guiding, self-checking, life altering learning we’d ever need in order to live an authentically pleasing life.

Um hello?

Just Sayin’…

Checking in with how you feel tells you how your conversation with the Universe is going.

“Today, I’m totally feeling good, rested, balanced, happy, anticipating adventures.”
 Yeah, how do you think that day is going to play out for you?

“Hmm, today I’m feeling totally off…like something happened that I’m not aware of and it’s totally dragging me down.”
 And how about that starting point?

So what do you do when you’re feeling totally off?

Fret not Super Power yielding Superhero!

I’m totally going to give you the keys to the kingdom here.

Here’s what you do…


Ok wait…I need to preface it first.

I know a lot of amazing teachers that I totally admire, respect and bow to say, well, stop thinking about it.


Well for me that was easier said than done. Once it’s in there, and I’m feeling it, shifting gears didn’t come so easy.

Then I realized the correlation between feeling this way, how often it happened and noticed there was a cyclical pattern to it.

Every time I started to feel funky, I’d feel self defeating, that’s my gig, that’s the dimension I built a home in when I made that decision when I was little, if I couldn’t figure it out myself, then clearly I wasn’t good enough and things would just fail…I’d fail…I was a failure…

Fast forward through life, when things got dicey, my pattern would play like my favorite record, over and over…and when things got tough I’d expect them to fail, brace myself for it and jump off that sinking ship before it took me down.

I became a runner…from job to job, house to house, relationship to relationship.

I became an overachiever, to cover up my fear of failing.

Focusing on happy thoughts didn’t shift my pattern.

But this did…

Ok…long segway I know..but now I’m ready…are you?

So here’s what you do-

So that starts to lift and feel better right?

Yeah, exactly. Now it’s not abstract and you’re not trying to slap your best smiley on it while you sweep it under the rug.

It’s what I call “Soul Shifting” in my private sessions.

We find your triggers and we track them to the beliefs and we shift them and overlay them with new frequencies so your conversation with the Universe drastically changes, authentically.

And what do you think that does for your life experience?


And what do you think can be accomplished by someone (you) whose superpower is to feel?


I’m so glad we had this chat.

I’ll let you get back to the business of changing the world now.

Until soon love,

Be the best you you’ve got because we love witnessing you when you’re totally rocking it.

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