I am feeling upset, baffled, shocked, and sad. My partner lives in the UK, so with the borders shut and no planes, I’m upset I won’t get to see her for many months. I am baffled as a teacher to see how our world has changed for the younger generation.

I am shocked to see what’s happening because of a disease that started on the other side of the world; it spread so fast and has caused so much trauma. I am sad and shocked by the massive amount of lives lost—the brave ones who were those on the front line, including the nurses, doctors a d Military.
This quarantine hasn’t impacted me too much as I am a private person. I never went out too much anyway, and even now, I still work and train daily. Student numbers at my school and within the area have significantly declined, even though all learning is online. These days so many people are panic shopping. Homeschooling, unemployment, and working from home is the new normal.
Initially, I didn’t think my community was doing enough, but now it seems like the severity of this pandemic is sinking in. I am glad that most people are following the guidelines and requirements.

My country, Australia, has had a tough run of late with droughts, floods, and bushfires that burnt for months. It left us devastated yet hopeful as a nation. Just like these natural disasters, we need to be resilient and stay strong if we want to beat the virus. My advice is to be proactive, as prevention is better than cure, stay healthy, and try to be positive. Ask people if you need help, and for the rest of us, we should help others if it is safe.
When this is all done, I believe that there will be travel health scans. A reassessment of the health system and resources that were lacking before will now kick in. Some decisions made by politicians will be critiqued.
If the virus has taught me one thing, it is the importance of relationships, to be supportive and adaptive.

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