For working mothers, the job doesn’t end when the clock strikes five — and Serena Williams knows that all too well. The athlete is being praised for her recent Instagram post that sheds light on what being a working mom really looks like. In the post, the tennis star is seen holding her 2-year-old daughter Olympia in a car while looking off into the distance. The 38-year-old looks distraught, defeated, and most of all… in need of a serious break as her daughter is nuzzled up in a blanket while sleeping on her mother’s shoulder.

“I am not sure who took this picture but working and being a mom is not easy,” she began her caption. “I am often exhausted, stressed, and then I go play a professional tennis match. We keep going.”

“I am so proud and inspired by the women who do it day in and day out,” she added, giving credit to the working moms around her.

Mothers quickly commented in support of Serena’s candid post — clearly touched and motivated by what she shared. “Thank you for this! Feeling it extra hard today being a working mom,” one fan wrote while another added, “Thank you for bringing some realness to this very superficial world we live in.”

“Thank you for being open about this. Working moms are expected to work like they’re not mothers, and then mother like they don’t work. Take solace in knowing you’re not alone,” shared another.

It’s beautiful to see the athlete’s post helping women come together, support one another, and realize their strength. Being a working mom is a difficult, endless job — but it comes with some serious benefits that can’t be found at a desk job. After all, Williams herself wouldn’t change a thing. “I’m proud to be this baby’s mama,” she added in her post.

Originally published on SheKnows.

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